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WTSO and Weekly Tasting are putting a new name & twist on a fan-favorite event, just in time for the start of summer. Get ready to sip all season long by mixing & matching a variety of single bottles from some of our top Weekly Tasting sets!

Build Your Summer Wine Collection

You have just one week to stock up on bottles that are exclusive to Weekly Tasting. Here’s everything you need to know before you start creating your very own set:

  • June 8 – June 14, 2020 
  • All bottles will be displayed at
  • 10-15 wines will be displayed at a time and rotated throughout the week
  • Mix & match bottles from a variety of previously-run Weekly Tasting sets
  • There will be no featured Weekly Tasting sets during this week, only single bottles
  • FREE shipping on orders of 4 bottles or more
  • All bottles priced between $9.99 & $37.99 — pick your own price points
  • Shop early so your favorite bottle doesn’t sell out!

Refreshing Weekly Tasting

To continue kicking off summer with our customers, we’re giving Weekly Tasting a little refresher after the sale. Starting on June 15, when a NEW Weekly Tasting set will be going live, there will be just one featured set per week. To focus on the quality of each set, there will no longer be additional sets during the week. This way, there’s no need to have to pick between sets each week or miss out on any additional packs. With one pack a week, you’ll know you’re getting the top selection recommended by a certified sommelier every time.

Ready to dive into a refreshing new Weekly Tasting? Celebrate by splashing through our Mix & Match Sale for one week ONLY: June 8-14, 2020. Visit WTSO and Weekly Tasting’s social networks, subscribe to email notifications, or call our customer service team at 866-957-2795 at any point before or during the sale for updates.