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Katie F
What a great service! We haven't had a bad wine yet and we've been selecting different tastings for almost 10 months. It's a perfect way to learn more about wine and try something new!
Terrific selections and very knowledgeable reviews. Haven't had one mediocre bottle.
Nancy K
Brilliant idea, and executed perfectly with terrific wines, excellent tasting notes and a Somm video that is icing on the cake. I can't say enough good things about Weekly Tasting and how much we love it. It's a fun, no stuffiness, learning experience with wine.
Brian M.
I'm probably about 100 bottles in with weekly tasting and have been satisfied with 99% of the chosen bottles. We plan our meals around them. Keep up the great selections.
Jim H
Perfect for sharing wine experiences with friends. I also like the pairing suggestions.
Jim H
Perfect for sharing wine experiences with friends. I also like the pairing suggestions.
Antoinette A
Perfect gift for wine enthusiasts! The wine selections, tasting notes and food pairings, videos along with the podcast offer a complete wine and food education for a fraction of the cost of culinary or wine classes. The sommeliers take a practical, non-pretentious approach to wine education. I've impressed my friends and family with my wine selections and budding wine knowledge. Thanks Weekly Tasting!
Lisa M
I loved the wines but now I cannot get them shipped to my state - so that makes me sad :(
Anita B
I recently joined several wine clubs, and ended up leaving all but two. Weekly Tasting is definitely my favorite. I love that the wine doesn't automatically come, I decide if I want it or not. I love the videos and especially the cards. I am taking advantage of the "my cellar" feature to order more bottles of the wines I love. The prices are outstanding. Highly recommended.
Sharon J
We love trying new wine, especially when it is under $20. We have never been disappointed.
Susan Dietrich
I love the fact that I can review the weekly option and choose when to order. Great wines and I have learned more about wine with every order.
Richard and April B
We love Weekly Tasting! It's educational. We learn so much about wine with every purchase. We enjoy the variety. It's such an enjoyable experience. And it's affordable.
Don L
I have been very pleased with the wine selections.
Michael D
The Weekly Tasting is a great way to learn about different wines with friends.
Debbie A
Love, love, love this concept! This is a great way to try something new without breaking the bank. Now I can go back a order my favorites again at a low price AND with free shipping. I recommend Weekly Tasing both to seasoned wine drinkers and those new to the wine world.
Joe G
Terrific Service. I have been very happy with the selections they have made. Packs often contain wines I would not have tried otherwise and are a good value for the price. Customer service is great!
Lori T
We have enjoyed so many delicious wines through Weekly Tasting and keep recommending this great service to our friends & family. Love Elizabeth & Laura! Cheers
Rita W
Every pack I have purchased so far has been a winner - there has literally not been one wine yet that either I or my husband did not enjoy! We love the cards provided with each pack and how each pack is themed, our favorite so far has been the wine & cheese pairing pack. Weekly Tasting is also a great and easy way to introduce yourself to a new wine or region without having the hassle of going into a store and being overwhelmed by the options. Instead, you can try new wines delivered to your door and chosen by an experienced sommelier. I highly recommend giving Weekly Tasting a try!

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