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3 White Wines to Welcome Spring a Little Early

wine deals onlineWinter is in its final stages and spring is assuredly on its way. Few things beat the warmth of the changing seasons, but spring wines are certainly a top contender.

If you’re itching for warmer weather, stave off the worst of the cold and try welcoming spring a little early with these wonderful white wines.


This white wine hailing from Italy is the best option when you want to ring in spring with something refreshing. Prosecco can be sparkling, semi-sparkling, or still to appeal to every taste at the start of the season. Drink it straight or try mixing it into its signature cocktail, the Bellini.

Online wine sellers love offering Prosecco among their stock of cheap wine online. Because Prosecco is fermented in steel tanks before it’s bottled, it is more affordable than many other wine options available on the market. Try drinking this dry wine to cleanse your palate before a light spring meal rich with fruits and greens.

Sauvignon Blanc

Because of its refreshing, crisp finish, Sauvignon Blanc has become one of the most popular wines sold throughout the United States. It’s highly acidic, offering a delicious bite at the end of each sip, but it’s balanced by its grassy, neutral flavor.

This is the perfect French wine if you’re tired of indulging in the sweeter dessert wines of winter. Ditch the Moscato and start serving this beautiful wine ripe with minerality to bring in spring a little early.


If you’re still riding the sweets of winter, opting for a fruit-forward Riesling might get your lips puckering. Riesling is a popular white wine in the United States thanks to its strong aroma and varying styles. Though many Rieslings lean toward the sweeter side, particularly those found in Germany and California, a number of cooler regions have been able to produce dry, acidic Rieslings while still maintaining the fruity finish. Look for wine deals online when you want to indulge in this crisp wine.

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