For over a decade, WTSO has been a reliable source of quality wines for its members. After listening to WTSO member feedback, we identified a need for a guided wine experience that helped members better understand their palates. As a result, we created Weekly Tasting - a guided weekly wine experience for wine lovers at all levels.
Each week, two WTSO-selected wine experts hand pick a new collection of wine with a common theme. Our wine experts try hundreds of wines to find the best examples of varietals from different regions. Weekly Tasting provides the opportunity to taste wines that expand your palate. The best part, Weekly Tasting is not a club, so there are no club or hidden fees and you never receive a wine you didn't select.
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WTSO's Weekly Tastings: Taste Wine Like a Pro at Home

When you're a wine lover like us — whether as an experienced connoisseur or a budding oenophile — there's nothing more exciting than tasting new wine varietals and expanding your palate.

And while there are lots of retailers out there that offer quality wine, it's important to find a provider that prioritizes your needs, fulfills all of your requests, and delivers hand-picked wines right to your door. That's where we come in. At WTSO, we're known for sourcing the best wines from around the world and delivering them to our customers at the web's lowest prices. But that's not all we do. We've used our superior wine-spotting skills to start a new program: Weekly Tasting. Has Something New

Even if you're one of our loyal customers, you may not be familiar with our Weekly Tasting program. That's because we've recently established it as a response to your feedback. After hearing many similar requests from WTSO members, we identified a need for a guided wine experience to help members better understand their palates.

As a result, we created Weekly Tasting, an experience for wine lovers at every level that allows you to learn new things and taste wine your way, whether it's curled up on the couch or at a gathering with friends.

How Weekly Tastings Work

Each week, one of our wine experts hand-picks a new tasting set of wine with a common theme. But first, they try hundreds of wines to find the best examples of varietals from different regions. After they select the wine, they teach you everything you need to learn about your pack in the form of an interactive and informative video. Then, we send the wine right to your door. From there, you can watch, learn, and enjoy.

Weekly Tasting is not a club and does not require a membership, so you don't need to pay any extra or hidden fees to taste and learn about delicious wine. We even ship your wine for free! And after experiencing Weekly Tasting and enjoying the videos, you can select the wine expert that caters to your tastes the best.

What You Get

Here's everything you can look forward to when you participate in a Weekly Tasting:

And, most importantly, you can spend your time however you want to when you participate in Weekly Tasting. The best part about these tasting sets is that they give you an opportunity to host a social gathering, have a romantic date night, or spend a relaxing night by yourself.

With Weekly Tasting, you can learn about and enjoy wine on any night of the week! Invite friends over on the weekend to unwind and have fun with new varieties of wine and different food pairings. You can enjoy these packages however you want and taste wine your own way.

As a bonus, each Weekly Tasting educates you about different types of wine from throughout the world. You will gain a deeper understanding of origins, new brands, and your own tastes and palate. When you learn more about different types of wine, you will be able to find the types that are perfect for you. The whole experience is tailored towards encouraging you to learn, helping you get to know your palate, and allowing you to enjoy something new each week.

Our Guarantee

What better way is there to taste wine, learn about it, and have an enlightening and interactive experience? Our Weekly Tasting sets are the ideal way to spend a night in, and we want to share them with you. And if you aren't satisfied, we hold our Weekly Tasting sets up to the same standard as our other products. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; so if you aren't pleased with a bottle of wine, just let us know and we will refund your purchase or send you another bottle right away. You deserve the highest quality wines matched with superior service, and our Weekly Tasting sets will provide that for you.

Expand your palate with Weekly Tasting sets from WTSO today. To learn more or sign up, email our service team at