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About WTSO

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey, WTSO is a leading online wine store with over 25 million bottles sold. With access to an extensive wine network, we connect our members to thousands of wineries around the world. We've formed strong partnerships with winemakers and retailers, from small family producers to large and well-known brands, in order to deliver these great wines to homes in the United States. It all began when Joe and Elliot, our founders, brought wine connections from their other ventures to WTSO. And now, our global relationships work together to find the outstanding wine values you see on our website each day. Each order is carefully hand packed at our partnering temperature-controlled fulfillment centers throughout the country, and quality control is always a priority. As our valued member, you can rest assured that your wine is found, processed, packed, and delivered properly to ensure your satisfaction.

What Do Members Have To Say About Us

"WTSO has the best wine choices and prices. There is nothing else out there that will delivery wine to your door with such ease." - Bill K.
"I Love being able to reorder wine that I love, and the ability to keep track of it in my cellar. WTSO is a wine lovers dream!" - Nead S.
"Getting wine right to my door? Yes please! Stocking up on wine has never been easier. My cellar is always fully stocked." - Robert B.
"WTSO always has a few good surprises along the way! I enjoy watching (and buying) for my freiends and family, but mostly my cellar." - Ceri L.