About WTSO

Founded in 2006 and Headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey, WTSO is the leader in Wine Flash Sale sites with over 25 million bottles sold. With access to an extensive wine network, we have been able to connect members to thousands of wineries around the world. In a world of ship compliance, we have restructured as a marketing company for wineries and retailers throughout the United States in order to bring these great wines to consumers.

How WTSO Finds Wine

In the beginning, founders Joe and Elliot brought wine connections from their other ventures to WTSO. This global wine network now ranges from small family producers to very large well-known brands. This network of wineries and retailers work with agents from around the world to find all the great wine values you see on the website each day.

Hand Packed With Care

Each order that is placed is packed carefully by hand at partnering fulfillment centers throughout the country. Quality control is a priority at each center. As a consumer you never have to worry as each wine is packaged and stored in temperature-controlled facilities.

Special Features

Keep track of your wine collection and tasting notes in your fully functional cellar! Too hot, too cold, or on vacation? Hold your order for free up to a year! Do you hate receiving too many emails? Download the fully updated App and start ordering wine on the go!

Other Ways To Shop

Is the Main Offer selling out too quickly for you? Then check out the various wines available right now by browsing the More Wines section, a great way to shop a variety of wines. https://www.wtso.com/bonus-offers

Keeping You Happy

Always 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you are not happy with the service or quality of wine, we want to know. To connect with customer service, please send an email to Wines@wtso.com or call 1.866.957.2795

We strive to provide the absolute best experience possible!


Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions. From shipping dates to holding wine due to inclement weather, we'd love to answer all your questions.