WTSO’s Half-Bottle Event Returns on National Wine Day: May 25

Re-introducing our 375ml wine sale, the WTSO Half-Bottle Event, here for spring’s National Wine Day! Learn everything you need to know before you start shopping online:

  • One Day Only: Thursday, May 25, 2023 (starting at midnight EST)
  • All wine bottles will be displayed at WTSO.com/half-bottle-event
  • Mix & match from a variety of springtime half-bottles
  • All 375ml wines vary in price — pick your own price points
  • FREE shipping on orders of $60+
  • Shop early so your favorite bottles don’t sell out!
  • Limited Time Flash Sales, Cellar, Last Chance, Premium Selection, and WTSO Premium Wine Club pages will be active, however the shopping cart for Half-Bottle Event cannot be mixed with bottles from other pages.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

You might be asking, Isn’t bigger always better? In many cases, yes. However, we love 375ml bottles for the flexibility they offer. Here are top reasons we’ve heard from our customers on why they love half-bottles: 

Saving on Splurges

Try a premium wine like Château Giscours Margaux or Beaulieu Vineyard without having to pay for a full bottle. 375ml bottles are great values to explore new wines on a budget from acclaimed wineries. 

Efficient Size

Pour a 375ml bottle during a weeknight meal between two people, as it provides a generous glass for each. Enjoy your wine guilt-free without having to worry about finishing a full bottle before it goes bad.

Aging Wines Quicker

Since the amount of air inside an unopened bottle is approximately the same regardless of bottle size, this creates a higher ratio of oxygen to wine in half-bottles. The smaller volume of wine means a higher there is a greater impact from the oxygen inside. This is perfect for a collectible sweet wine such as a Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes. 

Get Your Tastebuds Ready

Stock up on perfectly petite 375ml selections for one day only! Don’t miss out on your favorite spring wines up to 60% off. Get your hands on a variety of half-bottles at every price point beginning at just $12.99 with free shipping on $60+ orders! Half-Bottle Event sale orders will be shipped on Tuesday, May 30.

Celebrate the season from home with WTSO as part of this limited time Half-Bottle Event on May 25. Stock up on the perfectly petite wine selections for a few days only! Visit WTSO’s social media networks, subscribe to email notifications, or call our Customer Service team at 866-957-2795 at any point before or during the wine event for updates.


    • Hi Ronald,
      Thanks for reaching out. It appears that Sue from our customer service team has responded and resolved any issues you may have had. Please feel free to reach back out to our customer service team wines@wtso.com if you need any further assistance!

  • On the other hand, unless the pricing is really great, you tend to pay a higher price per ml of wine than with a full 7750 ml bottle. So if you have the will power to just “argon it and cork it” after you and wife have each had a glass, its more economical to invest in a few cheap bottles of restaurant-grade argon …

    • Agree, Joe, technology has come a long way in wine preservation. This is another great option for folks that are not ready to explore such tools or prefer moderation this way. Cheers and happy wine buying!

  • This should be a great chance to pick up some smaller bottles of vintagew ports. You don’t drink a lot at a time and this gives you a chance to taste more wines.

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