5 Ways to Enjoy Expensive Wine For Cheap

Everyone loves wine, but beautifully delicious and luxurious wines can get expensive. Here are our 5 favorite ways to taste the best of the world of wine without setting our wallets on fire.

1. Wine-Share With Friends

  • Split a case of wine with a few friends. Ordering together cuts down on the cost of shipping, and ordering a case allows you to try a couple of bottles.

2. Start or Join a Wine-Pal Program

  • Gather a number of people who love wine, and let each person know to bring their favorite bottle – establishing a price window will ensure a trade that is of equal value. Get into a circle (either figuratively or literally), and everyone gives a bottle to the person on their right (also either figuratively or literally). This way, everyone gets a bottle around the same price and ends up with a delicious wine suggested by a friend.

3. Shop From Wines Til Sold Out at WTSO.com

  • Not to toot our own horn too much, but we’re really proud of being a great resource for wine lovers to purchase wide varieties of fine wine at steep discounts. Our Marathons are especially fun, as over 100 different wines are up for grabs in just one day.

4. Host A Wine Exchange

  • Just like in the days of trading cards, you can also trade your favorite bottles with other wine lovers. Buying multiple bottles of the same wine can offer discounts, and trading that wine for one that is similar in value can open your cellar to different bottles

5. Ask An Expert – Don’t Be Afraid!

  • If you’re in a setting where a sommelier, or even better, a master sommelier, is around, ask them what wines they’re most excited about within your budget. They know the ins and outs of their wine list and the current wine world and can guide you to a delicious bottle they love that won’t drain your wallet.

A diverse and well-stocked cellar is a happy cellar, so try our favorite ways to taste new fine wines.

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