How to Safely Store Wine Before Weddings and Large Events

How to Safely Store Wine Before Weddings and Large Events

The elegant Champagne toast from a couple’s close friend or family member is one of the wedding reception’s most cherished and awaited moments. However, ensuring the Champagne reaches that point in good shape can be tricky.

Wines and sparkling wines need serious attention, from the types you select to how you store and serve them.

To ensure your wine maintains its delicate flavor until the reception, here’s our guide to help you understand how to store it correctly.

Is Wine A Good Wedding Alcohol Choice?

With its varying colors, flavors, and textures, wine is undoubtedly one of the favorite wedding must-haves, mainly because it allows your guests to choose what they like. With each bottle price ranging between $8 to $50, it’s no surprise that most couples also choose wine as a cocktail option!

Plus, you can add a creative flair by serving wines that pair and complement your menu options. Imagine the combination of Cabernet Sauvignon with fresh blueberry pies, and Prosecco served with charcuterie board-inspired appetizers.

Storage Temperate of Different Wine Types

Red Wines

Some typical red wines at weddings include Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, which should be stored at a temperature ranging between 55°F and 60°F.

Rosé And White Wines

The storage temperature for lighter wines like rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc is slightly colder than reds. So, a still white wine will remain intact when stored between 43°F and 52°F.

Sparkling Wines

Champagne, Prosecco, and sparkling rosé add a sophisticated touch to any wedding celebration. The recommended temperature for bubbly wines also ranges between 43°F and 52°F.

Wine Storage Methods

Wine Cellar

We know not everyone will have a wine cellar at their disposal. Still, ardent wine enthusiasts will have a room dedicated to their wine, and it’s designed with materials, flooring, and cooling that create optimal conditions for wine storage.

If you choose a wedding venue with functioning vineyards, they’ll surely be able to accommodate your wedding wines and keep them in good shape for your big day.

Wine Cooler

Although it’s relatively smaller than a wine cellar, storing your wine in a cooler will allow you to maintain an optimal temperature. However, keep in mind that you cannot it has limited rack capacity for your bottles and some are unable to control the humidity.

If you don’t have too much wine for your best, this is the smartest option as it takes up very little space and is quite inexpensive.

Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet or fridge storage is one of the most efficient options since it doesn’t cost much and offers complete temperature and humidity control to protect your wine until the day of your ceremony.

Fridges and wine cabinets have far more storage capacity than coolers, some of the largest being able to store around 200 wine bottles.

Storage Facility

If you have none of the above and need to keep a large amount of wine from spoiling, off-site storage designed to maintain wine-friendly temperatures and conditions is a sensible option.

Of course, you’ll usually have to pay for utilities and maintenance and any delivery charges if you ask that they deliver the bottles to your venue location.

When you join online wine shop WTSO’s Case Club, however, you will receive FREE storage in their temperature-controlled facilities until you’re ready to ship! Take advantage of these membership perks and store your wines as long as you need.

Dos And Don’ts Of Wine Storage


  • Store wine on its side: This is essential to keep the cork moist, preventing the wine from aging too quickly. It’s also more space-efficient. The only instance when you have to store it upright is if you plan to open sparkling wines within a few weeks.
  • Maintain a consistent temperature: Based on the information above, make sure you store specific wines at their ideal temperature and make sure they stay that way. Fluctuating temperatures can change the chemical composition of your wine.
  • Keep it easily accessible: It’s good to glance at the wines served at a wedding, so make sure it’s stored somewhere where viewing is easy so your guests can select what they want without having to move bottles around.


  • Keep wine in vibrating spaces: Spaces like the top of a refrigerator can disrupt the chemical composition of the wine because of the vibration. It will negatively alter the taste and aroma as well.
  • Leave wine at room temperature: We already know that fluctuating temperatures can damage wine, and room temperature is warmer than the recommended temperature. Plus, warm wine tastes relatively flat, dull, and, in some cases, vinegary.
  • Choose heavy-lighting areas: Direct sunlight and harsh, heated lighting are wine’s worst enemies. Keep your wine away from windows or any source of natural light. If you want to use light for viewing, choose soft LED lighting that doesn’t give off heat.

Parting Thoughts

If you’ve decided to select and shop for your wedding wine collection yourself, there’s no doubt the whole process can get confusing with all the options.

We hope our guide has given you direction on what to choose and how to store it so your guests savor their favorite wines without any complaints!

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