Holiday Cookies Treat and Wine Pairings

8 Holiday Treat and Wine Pairings

It’s common knowledge that wine and sweets go hand-in-hand — and that fact (according to us) rings even truer during the holiday season. The highly-anticipated winter months welcome family gatherings, parties with friends, and delicious food. And while everyone’s talking about which wine to pair with your main course, we’re busy thinking about dessert.

Hosting a holiday dinner or gathering this year? Elevate your guests’ favorite holiday treats with a crowd-pleasing, seasonal bottle of wine. A nice glass or two will make dessert even sweeter, and make your visitors even happier. If you’re going out and bringing dessert to a family gathering or business event, pump up your contribution with a wonderful wine to pair it with. 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Now we understand that picking up and baking desserts can be time-consuming enough, let alone picking out a wine to go with each one — so we’re here to make it easier on you. 

Let us take one thing off you get ready for the next party of the season. We’re giving you 8 holiday treat and wine pairings that may seem too sweet to be true, but are extremely easy to pull off. 

But first, let’s get through the basics of pairing desserts and wine. With that background info in mind, picking pairings will be a breeze. 

The Sweetest Way to Sip: Desserts and Wine

Before you start sipping and sampling sweets, check out these notes and tips:

  • Sweetness of wine should be on the same level as sweetness of dessert.
  • The same dessert can sometimes vary in sweetness (ex: apple pie), so know your recipe before you pair.
  • Dark and rich desserts pair well with similarly intense wines.
  • If serving a super sweet dessert, wait on the wine. Serve coffee with it and bring wine out after.
  • Common go-to wines for dessert typically include Moscato, Champagne, Port, and Pinot Noir. 

Since desserts fluctuate so much with flavor, feel free to bend our recommendations and choose your own pairings based on sweetness and taste. Now that you have some background info, we can dive into our favorites. 

Get some leftover pumpkin pie and grab a handful of candy canes, because you’re about to learn some of our top holiday treat and wine pairings of the season. 

Pairings You Can’t Pass Up This Holiday Season

Holiday Cookies Treat and Wine Pairings

These are some of our tried-and-true favorites. Try these pairings as you bake these desserts throughout the holiday season, or mix it up to create a unique pairing of your own:

  1. Snickerdoodles & Sauvignon Blanc – The subtle aromas in this white wine pair well with these soft, sweet-tart cookies.
  2. Lemon bars & Chardonnay – The bright and medium-bodied Chardonnay enhances the zest in these tangy treats. 
  3. Sugar cookies & Prosecco – A bottle of bubbly always brings the best out of a fun and festive treat like the sugar cookie. 
  4. Pecan pie & Port – The sweet and bold flavors of pecan will overpower most wines, but are no match for Port. 
  5. Gingerbread & Sherry – Sherry’s sweet, sugary, and honey notes pair perfectly with the flavors of this seasonal cookie. 
  6. Chocolate cake & Syrah – The decadent, rich flavors of chocolate cake become even more mouth-watering with a glass of deep Syrah. 
  7. Candy canes (or candy cane cookies) & Cabernet Sauvignon – This classic red wine balances the sweetness of this timeless holiday treat. 

Stock Up for Seasonal Sipping & Pairing

Hopefully these holiday treats and wine pairings give you a little inspiration as you sip your way through the season with family and friends. Start your dessert pairing journey by picking one of our recommendations, then create your own with a signature dessert or wine of your choosing.

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