Congratulations to the WTSO Scholarship Fund Winners!

Over 100 students sent in essays for the 2018 WTSO Scholarship Fund. These brilliant students — who were all either entering or currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program for the 2018/2019 school year — competed for five scholarships of $5,000 each.


Each student filled out a brief form and submitted one 400 to 500-word essay based on a prompt about customer service and modern technology.


Meet Our Winners

Our judges carefully reviewed each submission and chose five students who truly understand the value of communication. Congratulations to…

Katrina Jackson
Central Michigan University

Finnegan James
​California State Polytechnic Institute ​

Nicolette Laventure
​California Polytechnic University — San Luis Obispo

Shenna Padilla
University of California, Santa Cruz

Jonathon Porter
California State University, Fresno


We featured each winner on the WTSO Youtube channel, and you can read excerpts from the essay of our first announced winner, Nicolette Laventure, in the video below:



Our Prompt: “What can be done to establish and maintain strong relationships with customers in the digital age?”


Not all of our applicants are old enough to benefit from our flash wine sale online shopping, but they each offered remarkable insights into the modern relationship between consumers and businesses. Our five scholarship winners produced particularly thought-provoking answers to this question.


Here are a few ideas found in their essays:

  • Customers can tell if a business wishes to give them the best deal or make the best deal out of the customer.
  • Customer satisfaction is key to success, and there is no excuse for poor customer service.
  • Companies must recognize the variation in their customer base.
  • A company that doesn’t know its audience will never meet customers’ needs.
  • Technology — from contact forms to social media — is an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.


Why Did We Choose This Prompt?


WTSO is an online business that is built on a foundation of quality customer service and genuine relationships with our customers. We offer our members the opportunity to taste wine that they would never discover in their local supermarket or liquor store. Each of our bottles is hand-picked, carefully inspected, and sent with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customers’ happiness is our priority.

WTSO is proud to give back to the younger generation, and we would like to thank everyone who applied for this scholarship. To find out about future opportunities, please reach out to us via email at or via phone at 1-866-957-2795.

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