Father’s Day Gifts & Food Pairings for Wine-Loving Dads

Father’s Day is quickly approaching — and if you’re like a lot of us, you might be stuck on what to do for your father, grandfather, or husband this year. Well if he loves wine, you’re in luck. We put together a guide to not only help you decide what to buy this wine-loving guy, but to also assist you in finding the ideal wine pairing for any Father’s Day meal.

The days of just giving dad a card and a hug for Father’s Day are in the past, especially when he deserves the best. Go off the beaten path this holiday and treat him to a full day of wine, food, and love that he will be sure to always remember.

Wine Gifts Dad Will Love

Let’s start with the gifts — because Father’s Day would be nothing without a special gift for an even more special person, right? Here are some wine-related gifts that are guaranteed (maybe) to have the wine-loving dad in your life jumping for joy. And to cater to every kind of dad, we broke our wine gift ideas into categories:

Wine Tools – Maybe he likes to work with his hands, or maybe he’s just in need of some wine essentials. Either way, these tools are sure to help dad enjoy his next bottle of wine a little more:

  • Corkscrews
  • Swiss army wine tools
  • Wine tool kits with stoppers, chillers, pourers, filters, preservers, and whatever else he needs to keep wine fresh
  • Wine Thermometers
  • Wine Glasses — because who doesn’t need more glasses?!
  • Decanters — If he’s a sucker for technology, impress him with a SMART decanter!


Decor – There’s never a wrong time to deck out the house with some authentic wine decor. The following gifts use part of a wine barrel or bottle to create beautiful pieces of art:

  • Barrel tables — Look for a coffee table that uses a real barrel as the base!
  • Barrel wall mount — Barrels can be carved into customized wall mounts to hang in the home.
  • Wine cork bulletin boards — Buy one online, or make him a homemade one using corks from his favorite bottles!
  • Cork cages — Help him store all of his corks in a creative way.


Wine Storage – Every wine lover needs a place to keep their wine, whether they’re at home or on-the-go. Get those bottles out of his kitchen’s fridge and into one of these creative cases:

  • A standing wine cellar
  • A wine fridge
  • Wine-safe luggage — Believe it or not, there is tons of luggage out there that can support a bottle (or four) of wine for the next time he goes on a business trip or vacation.
  • A wine barrel — Go old-school and get him a traditional wine barrel. He can either tap it or use it for decoration!


Experiences – It’s one thing to drink wine, it’s another to experience it. Give him the Father’s Day gift that’ll keep giving after that Sunday:

  • A wine club membership — If he likes getting wine delivered to his door, he’ll love Weekly Tasting!
  • A wine tasting — Wineries and vineyards all over the world regularly host tasting events. Book him a spot for a wine-filled day to remember.
  • A wine tour — If he loves to learn, wine tours will help him discover facts and origins of different types of wine.
  • Tasting kits — Get him some new wine to sample. Who knows, he could find his new favorite!


Wine & Food – Let’s face it — food is probably the best gift of all. Mix his two favorite things by getting him a gift that fuses delicious wine and food:

  • Wine and food gift baskets
  • Wine-infused food — There’s tons of it out there, from Prosecco gummy bears to red wine popcorn.
  • Wine cookbooks — If he loves being in the kitchen, get a book to teach him how to use wine in some of his go-to meals.


We hope that these ideas give you a little inspiration when picking a Father’s Day gift. And now that you have his present in mind, let’s move on the best part — food and wine pairings.

Wine Pairings for Father’s Day Dinner

For dads, dinner is probably the best part of any day — but on Father’s Day, you have the chance to turn it up a notch. You can prepare his favorite meal and serve it with a delicious wine to give him a pairing that’ll truly make his day.

Try one of these Father’s Day food favorites with its ideal wine counterpart:

Burgers – Merlot or Zinfandel

Ribs – Grenache

Grilled Chicken – Chardonnay

Chicken Wings – Pinot Gris

Steak – Syrah

White Fish – Sauvignon Blanc

With all of those delicious options, he’s sure to love (at least) one of them. Each of the selected wines pairs perfectly with their corresponding dinner, but don’t be afraid to mix up styles a little bit and pair the Father’s Day meal with something similar to what’s listed.

You didn’t think we’d talk about Father’s Day food pairings without mentioning dessert, did you? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you want to stick to the classic (yet always appreciated) option, treat him to a rich chocolate cake paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon…we guarantee you can’t go wrong.

Wine and Dine This Father’s Day

Now, all that’s left is the most important part: the wine! You can find all the wines listed in the above pairings (plus many more each day) in our online wine store. Make sure dad gets the best by finding a variety of bottles on our site!

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect way to impress the wine-loving dad in your life this Father’s Day. When you buy him a gift and prepare his favorite meal with a flavorful glass of wine, you’ll be showing him all the effort you put into making this day special for him. So not only will he thank you for his wine gifts and a full stomach, but he’ll appreciate all you did to give him a wine-tastic Father’s Day.

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