Get A Taste of the Finer Things With WTSO’s Premium Selection

Are you a fan of the finer things in life? Are you trying to impress your boss at a company dinner? Are you hosting a large family event soon? If you said yes to any of those questions, the Premium Selection page is the place for you. 

Click this image to watch our video about Premium Selections!


This new WTSO shopping method, which hosts a rotating selection of high-end bottles, is designed for wine lovers looking for a little something extra as they prepare for upscale events and special occasions. Here’s what to expect:

  • Elite wines from some of the most prestigious wineries and brands around the globe
  • Exclusive bottles not available in featured or additional offers
  • Selections designed for dinner parties, business events, milestones, galas, and other occasions that call for a high-tier bottle
  • A variety of refined and classic flavors (red, white, and sparkling selections)
  • Occasional large-format bottles that are perfect for party hosting
  • A collection of 10+ bottles, gradually rotating 
  • Delicate shipping methods
  • Temperature-controlled holds available
  • 100% customer service guarantee on every bottle

Even if you don’t have a special event coming up, you never know when a top-tier bottle will come in handy. Be prepared for the next milestone or unexpected visit by keeping a few Premium bottles in your wine fridge!

Get ready to sip in sophistication as you indulge in WTSO’s Premium Selection. Keep browsing regularly to find new, updated crowd-pleasing bottles at top quality!

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