Gift Options for Wine Lovers That Aren’t Wine

There’s always at least one person on your list… What do you give the person that already has everything? If you have a wine lover in your life, chances are they have plenty of wine in their arsenal. On the other hand, if you have a new wine lover in your life, they could be unsure of what they really love. Working within the industry for years, we’ve partnered with quality brands to bring you the best wine accessories and gifts. If you’d like to include a bottle, we also recommend a few wine selections to buy or inquire about.

For the Wine Newbie

Gourmet Boutique 

We believe that the best way to expand your palate is by tasting different wines yourself. In partnership with Gourmet Boutique, we’re bringing delightful virtual tasting experiences that help to broaden wine knowledge. The best part is they offer food pairings like chocolate to the event as well!

Wines for a Chocolate Pairing


There’s no better way to learn that turning it into a game… literally! Sommify offers two blind tasting options with a board game or an online virtual game. No matter which one is chosen, it’s bound to be fun and the whole group will learn so much. Select from an all-red tasting or a mixed red and white wine tasting. 


When it comes to learning about wine, you have to taste it for yourself. But sometimes it can be difficult to finish a whole bottle solo. That’s where Repour steps in. Cork your bottle with science-based stoppers with oxygen absorbers tucked in them. Using one of these can keep wine drinkable up to 2 months after it’s been open. 

Start with This Variety  

For the Premium Drinker 

Gabriel Glas 

Great wine deserves great glassware. There’s few brands that deliver like Gabriel Glas. Made by trained European artisans, the brand delivers quality craftsmanship in every product. With their StandArt glass, experience luxury and ease together seamlessly. The lead-free crystal glasses are dishwasher-safe and universal to all wine types. 

Kaleidoscope of Color


Wine lovers are willing to travel the globe to get their hands on renowned bottles. VinGardeValise wants to make sure those bottles stay safe across the seas. With their patented luggage technology, there’s no need to worry about flying home with your favorite wines in tow.

Wines From Around the World 

Vineyard Wine Cellars

For the collector, there’s no greater feeling than having an organized cellar. Our friends at Vineyard Wine Cellars are prepared to help build the wine storage unit of your dreams. Whether a space-efficient solution in an apartment is needed or there’s space to build something grand and custom, they are a go-to destination for this task. 

Great Wines for Cellaring

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