Halloween Mummy and Ghost

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we love decorating for it. We also happen to love crafting with wine bottles. Meet Merlot Mummy and the Ghost of Grenache!

To make them, you’ll need the following:


1 wine bottle
1 white handkerchief
1 rubber band
2 adhesive googly eyes



  1. Drape the white handkerchief over the top of your wine bottle
  2. Gather a small area of the handkerchief and add the rubber band around the shoulder of the bottle
  3. Stick on your googly eyes and enjoy your ghost


1 wine bottle
Masking tape
2 adhesive googly eyes



  1. Remove the label from your bottle (if you’d like to leave it on, just add more tape)
  2. Make strips of masking tape
  3. Apply the masking tape, leaving some of the bottle showing
  4. Apply the sticky googly eyes and let everyone meet the mummy

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