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How To Pick The Right Rosé Every Time

wine deals onlineFew wines say warm weather, zero responsibilities, and carefree fun more than Rosé. This pink-hued wine has been gaining popularity for a few years now and has gone from a summer thirst-quencher to a year-round indulgence. As red grape juice fermented with red grape skins for just two to three days, Rosé is the perfect middle ground between red and white wines. Rosé’s production method is actually the same as red wine, it’s just fermented with the skins for a shorter period of time.

This compromise between the two major wine types means that Rosé can go with practically any dish or cuisine. Despite this versatility, each bottle of Rosé has its own distinct notes and flavors. Explore these tips on how to pick the wine that’s right for your night and you’ll never second guess your choice again.

Choose a trusted region

If you know wine at all, you know that there are a few areas around the world famous for their top-notch wines. When you’re looking for Rosé wine deals online, be sure to always note where the wine comes from. The tried and true regions for wine are California, Northern Spain, Bordeaux, Provence, and Oregon. If the options that come up when you’re cheap wine online shopping are too many and still causing you confusion, just think about what reds you like. Nearly every region that makes red wine also produces Rosé, so it’s a safe bet that the red you love from Bordeaux will have a tasty Rosé cousin.

Determine if it will be sweet or dry

The secret to knowing whether a wine will be sweet or dry is by checking the alcohol by volume, or ABV. Any ABV higher than 11% will be dry, while the sweeter wines will have a lower alcohol content. Looking at the region where the wine is made can also help with this aspect. Old-world regions like Italy, France, and Spain tend towards crisp and tart Rosés, but new-world locations in South America, Australia, and the U.S. typically have fruitier and sweeter options.

Pick a recent vintage

In general, Rosé tastes better when it’s young. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but when you’re browsing wine deals online you should try to pick one with a vintage in the last year or so. This will help ensure that you get a wine that tastes like the Rosé you want and not a Rosé that borders on the edges of a red.

While the 71% to 73% of millennials who drink beer, liquor, or wine have certainly taken up Rosé as a generational favorite, anyone can enjoy a glass of this refreshing wine. Go to the premiere online wine shop, Wines’Til Sold Out, today to find the best wine deals online.

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