How To Plan an Elegant Christmas Dinner

This holiday season, make your night special by learning how to plan an elegant Christmas dinner with a fancy atmosphere, a delicious meal, and some fine wine.

Christmas is almost here, and with Christmas comes elegant dinners! Whether you will be feasting with your close friends, immediate family, or even solo this year, knowing how to plan an elegant Christmas dinner will put you in the Christmas spirit and give your holiday a little flair.

Create Your Atmosphere

Before you even sit down to dinner, you’ll want to create an inviting and elegant atmosphere for the event. Decorate your house and dining room with festive decorations. Plug in your beautifully decorated Christmas tree and pull out that fancy holiday tablecloth that you’ve been waiting to use again since last Christmas. Set the table with your fanciest holiday tableware, dim the lights, and light some sophisticated candles for the center of the table. Accent your table setup with Christmas themed decorations such as pinecones or pine boughs. If you want, you can even turn on some Christmas music to complete the atmosphere.

Choose Your Courses

At the heart of your Christmas dinner is the food. The dishes you choose will contribute to the elegance of your event. Luckily, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic Christmas meal. Make sure to serve multiple courses, including a salad, sides, main course, and dessert. Some timeless Christmas foods include:

  • A Christmas ham
  • Turkey
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Pie
  • Christmas cookies

Any of these foods would be a great addition to your Christmas dinner. If you want to heighten the elegance of your meal, just go with a fancier version of one of these dishes or consider trying out a less common dish.

Select Your Wines

No Christmas dinner would be complete without a selection of wines! Christmas is a special day, so consider treating yourself to a bottle of high-end wine for the occasion. Match your wine to the meal you choose. For example, if you choose a traditional option such as turkey or ham as your main course, a red wine will pair better with your meal, whereas a white wine will be the better choice for a lighter meat such as fish or chicken. Sparkling wines are always a good option to match a festive holiday meal.

No matter which decorations, courses, and wines you choose, your Christmas dinner should be an event to remember. To make your event the best it can possibly be, decide in advance how to plan an elegant Christmas dinner and make sure you’ve purchased everything you need before the event.


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