How To Save Money When Buying Good Wine

Want good wine but don’t want to spend the money on it? Here we’ve created a brief guide on how to save money when buying good wine—explore it!

Whether you’re a constant wine drinker or just need some nice bottles without breaking the bank, we’ve got what you need. Sure, you can always get those $5 bottles from your local grocer, but if you’re looking for a good bottle of wine, then that won’t do. What we’ve put together is a resource on how to save money when buying good wine. We know you don’t want to sacrifice quality or your bank account—read on!

Look in Different Regions

Those bottles from popular wine regions tend to carry a heftier price tag. For example, Rosé from Provence tend to be pricier than Rosé from wineries in Michigan. But apart from looking stateside, don’t be afraid to peruse wines from outside of Europe. Think Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and more. They’ll still be high-quality wine but won’t have the popularity that tends to skyrocket the price tags.

Here at Wines ‘Til Sold Out, we offer wines from a variety of regions—not just the uber popular. From South Africa to Argentina, we have a selection with a price you can’t beat.

Don’t Discount the Sales

You may think that the sale section means that the wines reduce in quality. That’s not the case, you just may have to do a bit more searching to get past the Barefoot wine. Most wine shops put wine on sale or discount to make room for their newer wines. Which means you get stellar wines for half the price!

If you’re at an in-person store, make sure to do your research on the bottle before you buy. Some can look fancy but still not be what you’re looking for.

Buy in Bulk

Some stores will offer discounts or deals if you buy in bulk. For example, at WTSO, we offer free shipping for four bottles or more. And shipping can be quite a pain when it comes to wine delivery. But in general, you have the opportunity to get dollar amounts off when you buy in bulk, get free shipping, or get some sort of other money-saving deal for the future.

Money-Saving Tip: Buying in bulk is a great money-saving option if you’re throwing a party or know you like a specific type of wine that’s available!

Going Out? Split a Bottle

This is a tip for saving money when buying good wine that applies to your escapades out. Whether you’re headed to a restaurant or out to a nearby winery, one of the best ways to save is by splitting a bottle, rather than each getting one glass. You get way more bang for your buck, and you may even get more options if you buy a bottle rather than just a glass.

Shop With WTSO

At the end of the day, it’s where you shop that matters. You can absolutely get high-quality wine for a high price at some places, and low quality for a low price at others, but finding the sweet spot isn’t always easy. Luckily, it’s easy when you turn to WTSO. Peruse our special wine offers, whether it’s our Last Chance Wines or Premium Selection. Don’t miss out!


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