Important Update on Fedex Shipments

As ecommerce and the global supply chain evolve, especially after the last year, we are committed to keeping our customers updated. Per newly reinstated FedEx guidelines, on or around September 2021, signature requirements may be impacted by the process below. 

All Wines ‘Til Sold Out (WTSO) packages are commercial FedEx Adult Signature Required (ASR) deliveries, which means they require someone 21+ years of age to sign. The recipient must be present at the package label address.

In addition to the usual process above, FedEx has introduced a new step that includes STAR Verification (STAR V) scanners. Upon receipt, the device prompts to scan the recipient’s ID to validate their eligibility to accept delivery of an ASR package in compliance with applicable laws and contract terms. 

The following government-issued IDs are supported within the STAR V software: 

PDF417 barcode

  • U.S. driver license 
  • U.S. state ID 
  • U.S. military ID


MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) data 

  • U.S. passport 


Any other valid form of identification 

STAR V FedEx delivery users are prompted to complete the step before closing stops with ASR packages. The prompt displays details of identification, issuing country, name, and age. Once scanned, the delivery user either confirms the age or cancels if the recipient is underage. Scenarios when the device may not be able to scan include: the device camera not working, ID barcode is damaged, or recipient declined scanning their ID. 

If you are unable or unwilling to provide accepted identification upon receipt, there is a Manual Entry mode the FedEx delivery user can enter information through. The recipient’s date of birth (month, date, year) is required to manually verify the package. 

For uncertainty on whether a recipient will be home to sign, we recommend a few options: 

  1. Take advantage of our FREE temperature-controlled holds for up to 12 months. 
  2. Use FedEx Delivery Manager to track and schedule convenient times for your package to be delivered. 
  3. Choose a FedEx Pickup Location for applicable orders.

For any questions or concerns regarding this change, please reach out to our Customer Service team at help@wtso.com or 866-957-2795.

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