Kick off 2022 with WTSO’s Cellar Cleanout: January 4 & 5

Happy New Year, wine lovers!

Your Cellar, Your Savings

Your personal online WTSO Cellar allows you to keep track of the wines you’ve favorited or purchased from us and then re-order the bottles if the inventory becomes available.

If you don’t have any previous purchases, start half-way down the blog post to see how to set up your Cellar and get WTSO friends to share wines to it.

WTSO Cellar Promotion

We are kicking off 2022 by announcing a WTSO Cellar Cleanout! With major New Year’s tidying and reorganization, we are releasing limited quantities of your favorites to be re-purchased only through your Cellar. This exclusive sale is only two days from Tuesday, January 4 through Wednesday, January 5

In addition to new wine access, get an ADDED BONUS for buying your favorite wines! Receive a $10 promotion when you purchase 12 bottles or more, valid for your next WTSO purchase.*

To access your Cellar, log in to your WTSO account and click on the “My Cellar” tab. You will be able to see every bottle of wine that you’ve purchased from WTSO.

If a wine says “Not Available” under the “Buy Now” section, it is unavailable during the WTSO Cellar Promotion.

And if you don’t have a cellar yet, now is the time to start!

Creating your Cellar is as easy as 1, 2, 3… 
  1. Sign up for a WTSO account
  2. Have your friends share their favorite wines, or order any bottles on WTSO.com
  3. Find your personalized wines in a sortable online cellar

Some of our favorite My Cellar features:

  • Rate and make notes on all wines you’ve tried
  • Re-order any bottles that are available and in stock
  • Share wines in your Cellar with friends and family for them to add directly into their WTSO Cellar to enjoy all these features, as well
  • Your entire Cellar collection can be downloaded for reference or sharing. Select the format by using the buttons at the bottom of the “My Cellar” page
  • Select “Notify Me” on any unavailable bottles to be the first to know when it’s back and never miss out on your favorite wines 

It’s as simple as that! Whether you’ve just finished a bottle you loved or want to share details with your dinner guests, your WTSO Cellar is the place to go. Buy a bottle, enjoy it, and order it again the next time you want it. Or better yet, stock up on a favorite bottle for 2022!

Enjoy your WTSO Cellar and your online wine store experience with WTSO! If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact us at help@wtso.com

* Promotion is sponsored by Wine Marketing Group. $10 credit will be sent separately the day after the Cellar Cleanout purchase is made. Credit will automatically be added to the same account used in the original purchase and cannot be combined with certain other codes, discounts, or promotions. Void where prohibited.


  • Sorry, maybe I’m missing something but I’m not clear on how this is a promotion. You’re giving me a chance to buy only wines I’ve already bought at what looks to be the same price. The only apparent promotion is $10 off, but only when at least 12 bottles are bought – so, $0.83 per bottle discount.

    I guess when I saw the words “WTSO Cellar Cleanout!”, I was thinking that I would have an opportunity to select from a lot more than only what I’ve bought. IOW, I thought WTSO was clearing out ITS cellar. Guess I’m just not seeing how limiting me to only what I’ve already bought is such a good deal.

    Did I totally get this wrong?

    • Hi Ken!
      Thanks for reaching out to us! Cellar closeout was more of an awareness campaign to show some of our members they were able purchase and share wines they previously loved and offering a discount on a future order. In addition to new wine access, you get an ADDED BONUS for buying your favorite wines! Receive a $10 promotion when you purchase 12 bottles or more, valid for your next WTSO purchase. If you need any assistance or have any questions our customer service team would be more than happy to assist you at wines@wtso.com.

    • Hi Carl!
      Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry for the confusion, because that particular wine from your cellar is also on last chance it will direct you to that Last Chance page. Once you do place your order for 12 bottles please reach out to our customer service department so that we can refund you the 10$ off as part of our sale as it will not apply right away. If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to us and we will gladly assist you!

  • Just purchased 3 bottles of Pine & Brown Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon at a great price from WTSO. Been a customer for many years and have been very pleased with items available and the excellent pricing.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Paul! Pine & Brown is a great wine producer and we are also very fond of them.

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