Why You Should Share Wines With WTSO Cellar

Why You Should Share Wines With WTSO Cellar

WTSO now allows you to share your “My Cellar” page with other members, along with friends who have not yet purchased from the site. Enjoy the benefits of sharing your favorite wines and explore other people’s favorites in a new, convenient online space.

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A bottle of wine is meant to be shared. For thousands of years, we humans have shared wine in celebrations, ceremonies, and quiet nights alike. After all, a standard bottle of wine contains three to five servings and is ideally enjoyed shortly after opening. We’re not judging if you keep a bottle to yourself, but experiencing a wine together can just elevate the experience.

The WTSO Cellar Experience: Reimagined

Imagine you’ve just made a new friend and, even better, they’re also into wine. Together, you share that amazing bottle you’ve been holding onto for a special occasion. Your new friend, eager to demonstrate their love for their favorite bottlings, invites you to explore their wine cellar. What was once a solitary venture of collecting, arranging, and cataloging wines transcends, becoming a shared experience.

With My Cellar, WTSO allows you to track past purchases and sort them by wine type, price, region, grape, and review score. This digital cellar removes the need to painstakingly organize physical bottles or make space for them in your home. 

Turning My Cellar Into Our Cellar

You can now share your “My Cellar” page with anyone — whether they hold WTSO membership or not. Your friends, family, and coworkers can now experience all of your favorite wines, available in one convenient digital space. 

Simply click the “Share My Cellar” banner on your “My Cellar” page, and WTSO will generate a shareable link, along with ways to share your collection on various social media platforms. Your friends will then be able to explore your past purchases and order any wines that are currently in stock.

Don’t forget: WTSO makes it easy to re-order your favorite bottles from your “My Cellar” page, as well. Think of it as sharing with yourself. And, if you order the minimum amount of wines, your order will ship for free.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing wine can provide several social benefits. Reader’s Digest reports that enjoying wine in social situations can boost your confidence, help establish new long-lasting relationships, and bolster your existing friendships. When you pair a perfect bottle with the right meal alongside family and friends, the memories can become a bit easier to recall and share.

Other wine websites simply offer a storefront and do not encourage the social benefits of sharing your favorite bottles. By turning “My Cellar” outward, WTSO encourages its users to strike up new friendships and strengthen existing connections with loved ones.

Expand Your Wine Horizons

When you visit someone else’s WTSO Cellar page, you can enter a world of wine that you may not have otherwise encountered. Perhaps you’re a Sancerre devotee and never gave similar (and more affordable!) bottlings of Sauvignon Blanc a shot — like Pouilly-Fumé, Touraine, and other French white wine favorites.

With well-organized filters, each user’s page allows you to filter bottlings based on several criteria. Sort by region to check out other bottles in your favorite wine areas in the world. Toggle the price filters if you’re looking to save or splurge. Explore each category — red, white, rosé, or sparkling — to challenge yourself or stay within your wine comfort zone.

New to WTSO, or don’t have any available wines in your Cellar? Shop our staff’s personal collections, such as CEO Joe Arking’s selections!

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  • In the beginning of WTSO, there were wine offerings from Greece and Hungary. Will you be able to get any more of these wines?

    • Thank you for your feedback, Barbara! At this time, we do not have any of those wines. We will share it with the appropriate teams to see what we can do.

    • Hi Paul, sorry for any technical difficulty you had during the event. I do see that you were able to successfully create an order with the promotion. Hope you enjoy the case you curated – we’d love to hear what you think!

    • Absolutely, Clifford, sharing your Cellar is a secure process. There is no unique Personal Identifiable Information that is displayed or visible when you share your Cellar with others. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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