Raise a Glass to the New Year!

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year! The first day of 2019 is the perfect time to celebrate the past and embrace a fresh start. Here are a few ways you can welcome the New Year.


Embrace Change

We are always growing and changing, and now is the time to reflect upon these changes. How was your life different a year ago? How might it be different one year in the future? What changes can you make to ensure that this upcoming year is one to remember?


Invite Friends to Your Home

The New Year is a time of transition, but some things are meant to stay the same. That’s why we celebrate the passing of midnight with our loved ones. This is the perfect opportunity to cherish the bonds you’ve formed, catch up with old friends, and share a few glasses of wine.


Choose the Perfect Bottle for a New Year’s Eve Toast!

When you toast to an incredible New Year, what wine will be in your glass? Champagne is the traditional choice, of course, but here you can get that and more! Be sure to check out some of our Holiday Favorites, carefully chosen by our wine connoisseurs here at WTSO.

While free shipping is included with all purchases of our Holiday Favorites, be sure to use promo code WINTERWINE for $5 off four or more bottles at checkout!

Your favorite wine of 2019 is waiting at WTSO. Our bottles allow you to conveniently and affordably explore the world of wine, celebrating the 12 Days of Wine, as well as the New Year. We are also the perfect choice if you are planning wine delivery gifts for your loved ones or wine gifts for business associates. Discover new wine this New Year at WTSO.com!

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