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First dates: they can be pretty stressful. Whether you’re being set up by a friend or met someone on a dating app, that initial encounter is always nerve-wracking. There’s wine involved in most of our dining experiences, so it’s no surprise that we opt for a bit of liquid courage when going on a date. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with some pointers on how to navigate drinking while dating.

  1. We’re expecting you to drink on this date, but save the pregame for your local sporting event There will be plenty of time for wine or cocktails during your encounter. Remember – you want to ease into the date, not come in like a wrecking ball.
  2. Take a ride share or taxi rather than drive. You’ll likely have a glass of wine (or three), and we want you to get home safely. Plus, if everything goes well and you move on to a bar after dinner, there’s no pesky car to worry about finding the next morning.
  3. Wear dark colors. Sometimes (OK, often) we spill a little wine on ourselves. Walking around with a purple stain on light-colored fabric isn’t the look we’re going for when trying to impress.
  4. Opt for white or rosé wine, simply for the fact that they won’t stain your teeth purple. If red is your preference, look for lighter styles, like Pinot Noir. If you’re bent on big, bold reds, bring along one of those disposable mini toothbrushes – they’ll brighten your teeth and freshen your breath. Win-win for that late night kiss.
  5. Aim for something lower in alcohol. This way, if you’re nervously drinking quickly, you won’t get sloshed too early in the evening. Listen – no one wants a cold sober first date, but go for tipsy, not fall-over drunk.
  6. Avoid too many carbonated drinks, i.e., beer and sparkling wine, because… gas.
  7. Don’t try to match your date drink-for-drink. You know how much you can handle before things get a touch out of hand. For us, it’s three glasses of wine while eating and then a cocktail or two. Aim for enough booze to where you’re at your most charming, but not so much that you start talking about your exes, your restraining order from Ryan Gosling, general existential dread, or how you’re trying to make your cat Instagram-famous.

Follow these rules, and we guarantee you’ll have a great time! Better yet, purchase a bottle of your go-to date wine from our online wine store to make the best out of any BYOB date.

But, if the date sucks or you’re uncomfortable at any point, you can always bail. We suggest excusing yourself to the bathroom, climbing out the window, and ghosting them like Swayze (RIP).