Sip Through Spring Mornings: 5 Best Brunch Wines

It’s time to indulge in our favorite spring afternoon pastime: brunching. Whip yourself up some eggs, make a mimosa, and get ready to learn about how to navigate your way through a fice-star brunch from your kitchen.  

“Wine” About It At the Table

If you’re like us, you know that the most important part of any brunch is the wine that comes with it. The bottle you choose can make or break any meal, so it’s imperative to pop the bottle that will complement your breakfast/lunch of choice.

But even if you’re not planning on pairing, the bottle you choose will set the scene for your whole day. Start your Saturday or Sunday off on the right foot by picking light, crisp wines that are perfect for spring.

Now sit back, pop that bread in the toaster, and mix your best Prosecco with orange juice as we present to you the best brunch wines for beginners and connoisseurs alike:

Bring the Bottles to Brunch: Our Top Picks

No matter how you brunch, these bottles are bound to put a little bounce in your step as you treat yourself to delicious food. So pick your favorite type, and start pouring.


  • Sparkling – Prosecco


While Prosecco is usually known as the better half of a mimosa in the brunch world, it can be so much more than that. Next time, ditch the orange juice and drink this classic, must-have sparkling wine on its own. Its light & crisp flavors along with its airy bubbles make this wine the perfect choice for sipping alongside Eggs Benedict, or an equally decadent brunch staple. 


  • Rosé


If you asked someone to name a go-to wine for brunch off the top of their head, they would probably say rosé. Why? The floral, light flavors are perfectly balanced, while its aromas can easily remind anyone of a warm day in May. Make sure you have this handy next time you host a brunch — and serve it alongside some small brunch essentials, like cheeses and fruits. 


  • White – Riesling


Riesling is best known for having citrus and tropical fruit notes, which makes it the perfect sidekick (Who are we kidding? The perfect hero) for your next brunch meal. Its easy-to-drink quality and spring flavors makes it a go-to for brunch classics. If you have a sweeter Riesling, pair it accordingly with sugary foods.


  • Red – Pinot Noir


Not feeling the light, springtime flavors? Opt for something less sweet, but still on the lighter side of red wine, with a glass of Pinot Noir. While usually not thought of when eating breakfast foods, this staple can elevate any meal. Pair this showstopper with light brunch fare like bagels and lox, toast, and more. 


  • Dessert Wine – Moscato


Want to switch it up with every dish? Moscato is available in many colors, brands, and flavors, making this a versatile choice for your next brunch. No matter which type you choose, Moscato is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth — especially when paired with breakfast favorites like blueberry pancakes.

Start Your Day the Right Way

Now that you know our favorite brunch wines, it’s time for you to decide for yourself. Start by pairing the wines above with your go-to brunch meals — from there, you’ll figure out what combinations you enjoy the most. 

Begin your afternoon on the best note by grabbing a bottle of seasonal, crowd-pleasing wine from your collection. Once you have the best wine for your spring brunch, you’ll be all set to take on the day. 

Find the best bottles for your next brunch by shopping the wide selection of red, white, and sparkling spring wines at WTSO. Start filling up your wine cellar for the season ahead today. Happy brunching! Cheers🥂🥐


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