The Best Wines for Father’s Day Gifts

Make this Father’s Day a special one with a wine picked out solely for him and the occasion. Explore some of the best wines for Father’s Day gifts right here!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Make this one as special as possible with a wine gift. Wine isn’t just for the ladies — treat the fathers in your life to a nice bottle of vino. Below we discuss some of the best wines to gift for Father’s Day…

A Luscious Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re planning on spending the day cooking up some meats and kicking your feet up with your dad, then this is the wine variety to have on hand. You truly can’t go wrong with a nice bottle—just make sure to decant it first so you both can get the most out of the flavors.

We actually have quite a few Cabernets in our Premium Selection—2014, 2015, and 2016 from Raymond District and Raymond Vineyards for you to try.

WTSO Wine Recommendation: 94 Pt. Raymond Yountville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 District Collection

A Vibrant Grenache Rosé

The warmer seasons scream rosé—and it’s not just for the girls! Grab your dad a Grenache Rosé for the family picnic at the park. It pairs beautifully with most picnic foods, but it’s also exceptional if your dad is a seafood lover and that’s what you’re all grubbing on.

If you can’t find a Grenache specific, you can always opt for a Provence Rosé instead. It’s similar in flavor profile and just as versatile!

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Provence Rosé 2022 Les Quatre Tours ‘Classique’

An Easy Chenin Blanc

Why Chenin Blanc and not Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio? Because Chenin Blanc is even more versatile! It comes in so many different varieties—from dry summer whites to bubbling wines. There’s even some aged-in-oak styles if your dad is more of a Chardonnay guy. Truth is, it should be the white wine of the summer, and your dad is going to love it! One of our go-to Chenin Blanc wine is made by Domaine Bourillon Dorléans and has layers of golden apple, orange blossom, honey, and spice.

Wine Tip: If your dad loves a pork chop, but hates a red wine, then go with Chenin Blanc instead!

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Thorne and Daughters ‘Cat’s Cradle’ Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2021 Paaderberg, Swartland

A Bright Pinot Noir

A red wine that’s not as heavy as our luscious lover up above, Pinot Noir is a great wine to gift. It’s another versatile wine, but it satisfies those who want a bigger punch to their taste buds.

If he’s a fan of something a little heavier, try to find a barrel-aged Pinot Noir! He’ll get riper, darker fruit notes to support some more outright tannins.

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Terragena Vineyards Petaluma Gap Pinot Noir 2015

A Celebratory Blanc de Noirs

And last but not least, one of the best wines for Father’s Day has to be a bubbly one! But instead of going for the typical Champagne or Prosecco, we’re urging you to try a Blanc de Noirs. Made typically with Pinot Noir grapes, this sparkler will showcase more body, but it’ll still have that light air of a Champagne. Make sure to pop one of these bottles this Father’s Day!

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Julien Denby Brut Réserve Champagne NV

And of course, when you’re searching for the best, make your way to Wines ‘Til Sold Out. If you don’t have time to head to a store near you, we offer wine-by-mail gifts so it can get to you in time for the big day!

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