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There are more than 7,700 wineries across the United States. But which wines should you be enjoying this fall?

To help you know which wines to watch out for at your favorite online wine shop, check out this list of some top fall wines for 2019.


This wine is basically fall in a glass. It melds the flavors of tobacco, chocolate, raisin, and cinnamon in a scrumptious medley of perfection, with ABVs north of 15%. Excellent regions of origin include Lodi, Napa Valley; Sonoma Valley; and Sierra Foothills-California. If you happen to find this one from your online wine sellers, consider yourself lucky.

Rhône/GSM Blends

This deliciously robust blend is perfect for fending off any foggy, chilly night. It’s a classic wine with hints of lavender, baking spice, and green herbs, as well as the flavors of red and black berries. Some ideal regions to find this wine from are Côtes du Rhône, Priorat, Central Coast-California, and Columbia Valley. Watch out for this one here at your online wine shop.


This wine is renowned for its combination of cranberry, cured meat, and baking spice flavors. It’s a comparatively cheap wine online stores may carry, but it has a rich taste. With wine producers reinvigorating old vineyards to make tremendous new wines, this one is practically its own ingredient. You would do well to look for old vines wherever possible. Excellent regions to find this wine from are Languedoc-Roussillon, Central Chile, and Carignano del Sulcis-Sardinia.


This is the true “wine of the people” in Northern Italy. Because of its unique pigmentation, this wine can taste both rich and light-bodied. It offers the berry and cherry hints that you might find in bigger wines, but it goes down like a treat because of its lively acidity. The oak-heavy styles of this wine have an additional touch of vanilla, chocolate, and spice. While you’re looking for wine deals online, try to find this one from regions like Argentina, California, and Piedmont, Italy.


Fall isn’t just for red wine. It’s excellent for full-bodied white wines as well. This particular wine is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc, resulting in a lush, mouth-filling drink. It has a welcome hint of zippiness that makes it an excellent white pour for dark green vegetables. If you find one that has some age or oak on it, it may feature notes of almond and honey as well. Bordeaux’s Pessac-Léognan region, California’s Napa and Sonoma regions, Columbia Valley, and South Africa are all top areas for this wine.

Cabernet Franc

If you want to try something other than fruit-forward wines, this one may be what you should look for at online wine shops. It features the flavors of strawberries and plumbs, but it also has notes of chili, bell peppers, and peppercorns. This combination makes for a supple, savory experience. Ideal regions to check out are Loire Valley and Colchagua Valley-Chile.


As with many wines, there are different styles of this one depending on where you find it. Regions in Spain, Australia, and the United States make it with raspberry and clove flavors. Regions in France and Italy tend to use dried strawberry and herbs. However, it doesn’t seem to matter which style you choose, as both go exceptionally well with fall weather. Look for it coming from Cannonau-Sardinia, Paso Robles, Columbia Valley, South Australia, Aragon-Spain, or Châteauneuf-du-Pape in Côtes du Rhône.


Despite its name, this wine tends to lean towards the dry side of the spectrum. It has more tannin than Barbera, but less acid. It’s delightfully fruity, with licorice and some bitter sensations. Excellent regions to find it from are Langhe, Piedmont and Lodi, California.


Two white wines from Northern Rhône, Marsanne is noticeably bigger-boned while Roussanne leans more towards the aromatic side. But it often seems like you can’t fully enjoy one without the other. You can often find them blended together, making up a rich, medium- to full-bodied flavor, featuring perfume aromas, creamy nut and pear flavors, and a very filling finish. Look for it from Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône Valley and Paso Robles, California.

And there you have it: this fall’s top wines to be looking out for while you’re browsing your preferred online wine shop.