Top Tips for Pairing Wine with Vegan Dishes

Wine pairing is an art and a wonderfully exciting hobby for many. Knowing which wine pairs well with which meal is essential for wowing dinner parties and enjoying your eating experience to its full potential.

While it’s common knowledge that whites pair well with fish and pasta and reds pair with steak, pairing wines with vegan dishes can leave even a wine connoisseur confused. Check out our top tips for pairing wine for vegan dishes.

Bitter Bites

It is vital to understand each meal’s undertones when pairing wines with vegan meals. For example, for food with a bitter backing, such as arugula salads and kale-centric dishes, you want to pair it with a wine that cuts the bite.

For bitter food, try pairing your meal with a sweet wine with low tannins, like a Pinot Noir.

Rich Recipes

For rich recipes, the contrast of wine with high acidity can work to cleanse your palate during the meal. For those creamy, decadent dishes, try to find a wine that complements the flavors of your meal.

For rich food, try pairing your meal with an acidic wine with buttery tones, such as a Chardonnay.

Spicy Suppers

Spicy meals are a welcome kick at the dinner table. For those spicy vegan dishes, such as a delicious jambalaya or spicy chili, you may want a wine that doesn’t contrast the meal. Steer away from sweet and move toward dry whites to offset the spice without clashing tastes.

For spicy food, try pairing your meal with a dry wine with fruity undertones: a sparkling Shiraz or an off-dry Riesling.

Sweet Snacks

When you are eating something sweet, you want to pair it with a wine that complements it without overpowering it. For desserts or a meal with sweet overtones, consider a wine with a subtle sweetness.

For sweet food, try pairing your meal with a sweeter sparkling wine, like a sweet Rosé or sparkling Moscato.

Salty Sustenance

Sometimes, all you need is a salty snack. If you’re making a salty vegan meal, the best wine to pair it with is crisp with fruity notes.

For salty snacks, try pairing your meal with an acidic or fruity wine with a crisp, refreshing taste. For example, you can choose a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio.

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