Wintertime Activities That Pair Well With Wine

Wintertime Activities That Pair Well With Wine

The fun doesn’t end because it’s cold outside. If you enjoy a great bottle of wine with friends, you’ll appreciate these wintertime activities involving wine.

Vino, wine, the grape—whichever name you prefer, wine connoisseurs will know what you’re talking about. Wine brings people together with its many varieties and an ability to relax us after a busy workweek. The warm days of summer stir up thoughts of chilled, sparkling, light wines as we gather with friends for a barbeque or day at the beach. But what about in the winter? There are plenty of wintertime activities that pair well with wine. There is no need to let the wine glasses get dusty over the winter or put the fun on hold.

S’mores Aren’t Just for Camping

Gather the family or friends, and fill a tray (or the kitchen counter) with chocolate bars, graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and sticks for roasting. You can light up the fire pit, fireplace, or even use the stovetop in a pinch! Have a fun winter evening of roasting marshmallows and drinking a nice tawny port wine like a 2016 Quinta do Vallado Vintage Port to keep you warm.

Another trick for s’mores is to layer the bottom of a small, oven-safe dish with chocolate chips, cover it with mini marshmallows, and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes. Serve with graham crackers for dipping. Yum!

Game Night With Friends

Whether you host it through Zoom or gather a few friends at your house, pairing multiple styles of wine with a game night is bound to be loads of fun. Have some fun charcuterie on hand so you can sample different wines with different flavors. Bring out some board games at home, or give charades a try as you video chat! Game night is a wintertime activity that always pairs well with wine—and pairs well with friends, too.

Date Night

Don’t dismiss date night because it’s cold outside. If you need to stay in for safety’s sake, create date night at home, and pair it with a wine that makes you glad you’re stuck inside. Impress your significant other with your steak-cooking skills, or try something new. If you aren’t into cooking, pick up your favorite sushi or a pasta dish from the local Italian restaurant. Lucky for you, we have plenty of new wines each week for you to pair with your delicious dishes!

Pairing wine with winter activities will remind you that fun still exists, even after the cold weather has closed the beaches and picnic spots. Remember, there are many types of wines, and the best one for paring is the one you enjoy.

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