RECIPE: Moroccan Spiced Flatbread

The inspiration of this recipe comes from the historial claims of Shiraz (or Syrah) originating from ancient Persia. With the rich chocolate and plum notes from this Kay Brothers varietal in our latest Weekly Tasting set, the wine pairs well with the aromatic spices of this dish. Get ready to be transported through the land and […]

RECIPE: Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya

Did you know… there are two kinds of Jambalaya? There is a Creole version is known for its tomato-based sauce that is orange in color and often features shrimp. On the other hand, the Cajun version has a drier consistency and traditionally doesn’t use any (or few) tomatoes. This recipe is leans more towards the Cajun […]

RECIPE: Red Wine Nutella Brownies

We’ve combined a classic dessert into the perfect trifecta: red wine + brownies + Nutella. This rich and indulgent treat is easy if you have chocolate hazelnut spread on hand — no cocoa powder or double boiler necessary. Plus, it’s a great way to use leftover wine if you have it… or an excuse to […]

RECIPE: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

  Egg nog, step aside: there’s a new winter cocktail in town. This red wine hot chocolate is not only super easy & quick to make (serves up to 8 people in just 10 minutes), but it’s sure to warm you up on a cold winter day. Just choose your favorite red to add to […]

RECIPE: Mushroom Bolognese

Fresh out of winter recipe ideas? That’s what we’re here for. This Mushroom Bolognese makes the perfect seasonal weekend meal, serving up to 8 people in just 40 minutes. And no wintry meal would be complete without a red wine pairing. This recipe matches magically with any wine from the Sangiovese grape — find three […]

RECIPE: Hearty Lamb Ragu With Pasta

This winter gives us plenty of time to try out some new recipes, starting with this must-have Hearty Lamb Ragu. It takes about 2 hours to complete with four people — but don’t worry, your time won’t be wasted. Not only do you get to match wine with this pasta dish as you try it, […]

RECIPE: Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken

Need a new meal idea to make on a chilly weeknight? This mouthwatering Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken serves 4 people in about 45 minutes of prep & cook time. Once you start digging in, don’t forget to pair your chicken dish with a glass of CDP or CDR from the current Weekly Tasting set, Compare Wines from […]

RECIPE: Lamb Sausage Rolls

Lamb sausage rolls: the perfect fall & winter dish for indoor game nights and movie marathons. Serve these addictive appetizers for up to 6 people in just 40 minutes on any cozy weeknight. Give yourself an extra little treat by pouring yourself a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Côtes du Rhône. Pair these bottles with your Lamb Sausage […]

RECIPE: Ground Beef Wellington

Nothing says “wintertime” like a rich and hearty meal of Ground Beef Wellington….except for a bottle of sparkling wine to pair it with. This recipe by Tori Sellon at Bon Vivant Food & Wine will take you about an hour and 15 minutes to make for 4 people. But with how easy it is, it […]

RECIPE: Butternut Squash Sage Lasagna

Put a delicious twist on a classic dish with this Butternut Squash Sage Lasagna recipe by Chef Tori Sellon from Bon Vivant Food & Wine! After about an hour and 30 minutes of prep & cooking, this dish will be ready to serve to up to 6 people. Fill their glasses while you’re at it […]