10 of the Most Iconic Wine Bars Around the World

There’s something quite magical about a wine bar. It feels like its own storybook, and each bottle of wine gets to tell a different story.

Head to a small wine bar to share a bottle of Pinot Noir and transport yourself to the French countryside. Visit one of NYC’s wine bars and pop a bottle of champagne to feel like a royal. Every new wine establishment you visit has a story of its own, and when you visit, you become a part of that tale.

Want to immerse yourself in different chronicles? Explore our guide to 10 of the most iconic wine bars around the world. From quaint hilltop bars in Italy to opulent lounges in Germany, you won’t get enough of the wine and the tales!

Septime La Cave – Paris, France

Starting us off with a wine bar in France, it was quite hard to choose just one in this wine country. But if we’re thinking about a place that locals love as much as travelers, then Septime La Cave is definitely it. Come for the wide variety of orange wine and stay for the charming atmosphere and scrumptious dishes.

Story Fact: We weren’t kidding when we said each place has a story of it’s own! Septime actually has a book for sale that delves into the daily life of the restaurant—from their inspirations to recipes and more! 

Somm – Vilnius, Lithuania

You might not have thought that a wine bar from Lithuania would make the list, but we wanted to give a wide spread of wine bars across the world. And Somm over-delivers on each aspect of a wine bar. Top-rated chefs and sommeliers, hand-selected bottle choices, a clean, yet inviting atmosphere. It has everything you’d want to immerse yourself in their wine and their story.

Alberto’s Lounge – Sydney, Australia

There are tons of wine bars in Australia, but we went with Alberto’s Lounge for it’s food, music, company, and of course, wine. It’s like the backdrop of your favorite romance, filled with potential for falling in love.

And you really will fall in love. Their gelato and ricotta are made daily, the chefs work tirelessly to create fresh recipes, and the wine selection thrills. Make this your next stop when you’re in Sydney!

Weinbar Rutz – Berlin, Germany

We’re not joking when we say Weinbar Rutz has one of the most extensive and impressive wine lists in the country. They have over 900 bottles to choose from—900! Quite obviously, they offer a massive variety, from deep, thoughtful reds to joyous, celebratory bubbles. Not to mention, their chef (who once earned a Michelin Star) created a magical tasting menu to match the wine you choose. What a story to create, here!

DiVino Wine Bar – Budapest, Hungary

A two-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Basilica, DiVino Wine Bar is full of history and stories. Their main goal is to introduce Hungarian wine culture to more people while simultaneously bringing winemakers closer to the guests. They want that familial feeling while you sit on their outdoor terrace, sipping on their 150 different Hungarian wines.

Experience the divine sense of life with DiVino!

Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina – Florence, Italy

Speaking of family, Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina is a family-run wine bar right in the heart of Florence. Listen to the stories of the owners while you sip on some local Tuscan wine. Situated right on the Piazza Pitti, you can enjoy wonderful food pairings to a wide selection of high-end, small production wines from all over the country.

Story Fact: All of their wines are offered by the glass, but that’s not all you get! Each order is accompanied by the boundless knowledge of the owners. Get your fix of history, traditions, culture, and wine-making processes when you stop by.

Barrica 94 – Santiago, Chile

We’re stepping away from Europe for a bit to head to the tales found in South America. Chile is an underrated wine region, and Barrica 94 will prove that to you. From the outside brick, you wouldn’t imagine the inside to be as luxurious and opulent as it is. 

Here you’ll get tasty seafood and classic Chilean fare, as well as first-rate Chilean wines. If you’re looking for a place to test your pairing skills, then this cozy yet elegant setting is the place to go.

Vroni’s – Glasgow, Scotland

You may think of Scotland more for their beer and whisky, but Vroni’s will have you thinking otherwise. It’s one of the best in the city (if not the whole country), because of it’s comprehensive and intimate nature. Think candlelit tables, yet international wines. Imagine bottles of bubbles, yet earthy reds. Vroni’s has style and selection, and that’s something you don’t want to miss out on!

White Noise Wine Bar – Seoul, South Korea

Now this is one of our favorite iconic wine bars around the world. Considered a hidden gem for locals, this is a spot that visitors don’t want to miss—especially if you’re a book lover. The bar is actually filled with bookshelves, which are filled with books you are actually encouraged to read.

They want guests to read, talk, and drink, even until closing time (which is 3am!). And if you come alone, don’t worry; they offer seats for one-person guests as well. Enjoy your me-time and your story time!

20Spot – San Francisco, United States

The last stop on the list is back in the United States. There are plenty of wine bars across the country, from coast to coast. Today, we chose to go with 20Spot for our U.S. pick. Though it’s not nearly as expansive as some of the European options on this list, it makes up for it with its retro flare.

With heated outdoor seating, reasonably-priced dishes, artsy décor, and stunning picks for their wines by the glass, it’s a stop you want to make while you’re in the city.

So, there you have it! This was a look at some of the top wine bars around the world. Now, don’t forget—there are tons more than are on our list. Peruse the town before you go to see which wine bars are standing out; new players come in every day! But, until you visit somewhere in person, visit Wines ‘Til Sold Out online. Our at-home wine tasting sets will have you ready to sip and pair before you head out on your next storybook adventure!


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