5 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Corporate Event

When you hear the phrase “corporate event,” you might not get excited immediately. It’s easy for company parties to fall short on entertainment expectations if you don’t plan them with fun in mind. The truth is that business festivities don’t have to be boring and drabby. This holiday season, spice up your company party with these five tips for throwing an unforgettable corporate event. 

Pick a Fun Theme

Everyone loves a party with a good theme. Your theme ties every aspect of your celebration together, from décor to music selections to food and drinks! To properly execute a themed event, consider your audience. You want to leave your attendees with a positive lasting impression. 

Have a Flexible Plan

All successful events have one thing in common: they have a plan. While your plan should include basic things like a guest list and a schedule, it should also guide you when things don’t go how you want them to. For example, your plan should address things like:

  • What happens if you become short-staffed?
  • Do you have backup entertainment if yours falls through?
  • How will you handle an emergency?

Follow Your Budget

Another important tip for throwing an unforgettable corporate event is crafting a budget. Following a budget will ensure that you won’t have to cut important parts of your party if you run out of funds. Make sure you have enough money to cover basic things like food and entertainment, but keep in mind other potential costs, like:

  • Staffing
  • Parking/transportation
  • Event marketing

Choose a Unique Venue

After working all day in an office, it’s nice to let loose in a fun environment. Book your event at a cool and exciting venue if you want to throw a celebration that will have everyone talking for days. Keep location and theme in mind while looking for the perfect space for your company party.

Go Virtual

If you and your staff prefer to stay at home, you can still throw an unforgettable corporate event without even leaving the house. Explore the world of wine with your colleagues from anywhere and customize your experience with many preferences, including the varietals to taste and the option to add a wine expert to the event. Contact WTSO.com for more details on how you can schedule your virtual wine tasting.

Make a Delicious Menu

Food and drink options can make or break a corporate event. Most people look forward to the menu more than anything else at company parties. Your menu should tie into your theme and provide several options for people with preferences and dietary restrictions. Don’t skimp on high-quality ingredients, and consider hiring a caterer to take care of your dining needs if you’re throwing your event in-person.

At Wines ‘Til Sold Out, we are here to supply the best products from around the world for your corporate event. Check out our special wine offers for a wide selection of delicious wine that your attendees can’t get enough of.


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