6 Wines To Pair This Spring Season

As the days grow longer and the breeze becomes warm, spring creeps into the air and begins to refresh the flora around you. As you start to enjoy the blooming outdoors once again, there is no better feeling than sipping on a light, flamboyant wine as you take in the changing season. If you’re ready to enjoy your spring fever in style, check out these six wines that pair perfectly with your spring festivities.


White Wine

Most white wines should be served between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be sweet or drier. If you are looking to serve white wine this spring, check out these white wine deals online:

Gewürztraminer wine is aromatic and not as acidic as other white wines. It is best served chilled and is perfect for the beginning of spring as the weather is still warming up. Its sweet and leachy aroma goes perfect with Thai chicken, spicy pork, and green curry. Although it can range from dry to sweet, it typically has a sweet, tree fruit aroma. It also has a higher alcohol content, which makes it a perfect wine to sip at formal events and dinner parties.

Chateau Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé
This rosé will make wine online shopping your new favorite hobby. It has a dry, floral taste with a full body and clean finish that leaves you feeling refreshed with every sip. The fruity aroma helps it pair perfectly with fruit tarts, especially strawberry or peach tarts.

Grüner Veltliner
This citrusy white wine is a beautiful alternative to Sauvignon Blanc, and pairs perfectly with spring dishes. It plays especially well with citrusy salads and bitter greens like spinach, arugula, and kale.


Red Wine

Although red wine may make you think of cooler, more festive times like autumn or the winter holidays, it can also give you a breath of fresh air as the flowers begin to bloom. If you’re ready to give your events a flirty twist this spring season, check out these top red wine deals online:

Italian Lambrusco
This lightly colored wine is zesty with a full fruity body. Although wine connoisseurs may traditionally think this wine has to be sweet, you can get a dry variation that pairs perfectly with charcuterie boards and barbeque.

Cabernet Franc
This floral red is similar to cabernet sauvignon, but is a better wine for spring as it is more floral and lighter-bodied. The notes of raspberry and strawberry will make this a go-to red in our online wine shop, as it pairs perfectly with spring fruits, earthy dishes, and lamb.

Pinot Noir
This staple in every online wine sellers collection comes in a variety of options, ranging from a red color with strawberry notes, to a more violet shade with black cherry and spice. It pairs perfectly with fatty fish like salmon or herring.


Final Thoughts

Finding wine deals online is easier than ever on our platform. We offer a wide variety of must-try spring wines that are sure to liven up your seasonal festivities. Whether you’re looking for a white or red, dry or sweet, or even an in-between wine like rosé or amber wine, our connoisseurs are ready to help you find your new dream wine.

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