Shop a wide variety of wines now! has been going strong as an online wine destination for almost 15 years, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We decided it was time to freshen things up, so we’re getting a face lift in Fall 2019!

We’ll still be the website you know and love, but we’re just adding a few things to make your experience even better. Here’s what you can expect with the redesign:

A Fresh Look

If you know WTSO, you know that we’re proud of our signature purple color in our logo and on our site. Well now, we’re adding even more colors to the mix! Expect the new site to have beautiful yet subtle pops of color that are sure to please the eye.

But of course, we aren’t stopping with the color palette. The overall layout of the website will have a sleek, more modern look that makes navigation simple and seamless. There will be clearly labeled tabs and pages, a smoother sign-up page, and more. 

In addition to changing up our look a bit, we wanted to take our redesign a step further and offer some new exclusive features for our members. 

Added Features

All of the following features are being added or enhanced to make online wine shopping easier, more convenient, and even more beneficial for our customers. Here are just a few things you can expect to see upon the redesign:

  • Premium Selections – A new page that offers a wide variety of some of the world’s most high-end bottles of wine
  • Last Chance – A section that displays wines that are selling out or becoming unavailable soon
  • New Sharing Options – A feature that allows customers to share a bottle with their friends so they can purchase it right away 
  • Cellar ReOrder – A recently-introduced feature that allows people to purchase any bottle they’ve previously ordered again

And most importantly, the newest and biggest WTSO feature: Weekly Tasting!

WTSO & Weekly Tasting

Weekly Tasting, the child company of WTSO, has been creating themed wine tasting sets for a few years now — and they’re ready to officially become part of the WTSO family. Starting this fall along with the redesign, Weekly Tasting will be merging with WTSO.

What does this change? Nothing, really! Weekly Tasting fans will still have the same shopping experience they know and love, but it will be hosted as a tab on the WTSO website. It’ll be the same company with identical values, just under the WTSO umbrella to add extra convenience for our customers. 

And now, WTSO fans can see what Weekly Tasting is all about in just one click. They’ll now have easy access to tasting sets with delicious bottles of wine, food pairing recipes, informational videos, and more.

The New and Improved WTSO

While we’re changing a lot of things about our website this fall, our commitment to our customers never waiver. We stay true to our no-frills style, and are dedicated to keeping our priority the same — delivering the most high-quality wines and service. We’re making every one of these changes to appeal to our customers and ensure that they’re having the best online experience. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the new, please contact us at or 866-957-2795.