Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online Blog Post

Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online

Wines ‘til Sold Out is pleased to announce a partnership to offer our members an exclusive caviar gift set with a special discount in line with our great everyday savings.

Luxury Wine Gift Sets

WTSO.com and Haute Caviar Company offer premium choices, making their collections the top wine gifts for both wine and caviar enthusiasts alike.

Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online

Fortified with strong quality and humanistic values, women-owned Haute Caviar provides the finest caviar online, sourced responsibly. Home to a discerning group of caviar enthusiasts who made it their mission to instill positive disruptive change within the industry, they do so while exceeding caviar indulging expectations.

For a limited time, they are offering this exclusive deal on WTSO.com:

Haute Caviar Wine Connoisseur’s Set
Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online - Haute Caviar Connoisseur's Set
  • Haute Entrée, 2 oz.
  • Haute D’or, 1 oz.
  • 1 mother of pearl spoon

Haute Entrée is their signature caviar, a very unique Hybrid of Siberian and Osetra. Haute D’Or is an Osetra, which is one of the best sturgeon types farmed globally. The caviar duo is recently harvested and absolutely delicious.

All caviar from Haute Caviar Company is naturally preserved in salt only. The shelf life is 4 weeks refrigerated in the coldest part of the refrigerator kept under the ice packs. The Haute Caviar Wine Connoisseur’s Set ships overnight to you on ice, separate from any WTSO wine orders for maximum freshness.

“Overall, our team has an extensive history with fine wines from all over the world, and we have since leveraged our network of ideal harvesting farms to develop our caviar brand that followed the most stringent standards.” – Haute Caviar

Easy to Make Recipes: Caviar and Wine Pairings

A top-quality way to celebrate the holiday season this year is to pair caviar with nice wines at your next dinner party. We’ve put together a couple of simple pairings that will taste great with a chilled bottle of Champagne:

Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online - Recipe Pairing

Blinis (Russian Pancakes)

with Champagne Delfour Brut Champagne NV

Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online - Recipe PairingPotato Chips

with Champagne Delfour Brut Rosé Champagne NV
The ingredients used on top of (or in addition to) the blinis and potato chips are: crème fraîche or sour cream, topped with herbs such as chives and dill.

We recommend serving these alongside additional accouterments to taste, like smoked salmon, cucumber ribbons, or lemon wedges.


with Duval Leroy Champagne Brut Réserve NV

Where to Buy Caviar and Wine Gifts Online - Recipe Pairing

Serve raw shucked oysters on the half shell with a small drop of caviar, directly placed onto the oysters with a mother of pearl spoon. The caviar enhances the salty, briny flavors in the oysters, making it the best complementary Champagne wine pairing.

Wine is not included in this gift set, but if you’re looking for more wine deals online or have questions about pairing wines with food like caviar, visit us at WTSO.com and speak to our wine expert directly!

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