Factors to Consider when Starting a Wine Collection

Factors To Consider When Starting a Wine Collection

People enjoy collecting things, from baseball cards to stamps to wines. Wine has a well-documented history, making it perfect for collecting. If you think you’re ready to begin building a collection of wines, read up on some of these factors to consider when you’re starting a wine collection. 

Start Small

You don’t need to go large right away. It’s best to start small and slowly build your collection. Talk with wine collector groups, informed people (like WTSO.com’s wine expert Ed Miciolek), and local auctions to lead you down the right wine collecting path. Remember, you’re not out to impress anyone. 

Have Some Money Saved Up

Wine-collecting doesn’t start and end with wine—you also need to invest in insurance, adequate storage, documentation, and security. It can all cost as much as you’re willing to spend. So make sure you have some money saved up first to fund your investment.

Keep Track of Your Wine

Your storage system should have an order to it. Keep track of what wines you have and how many bottles, at a minimum. You can use apps and software to do this or log it on paper. If you drink a bottle, mark it off your list and include tasting notes for future reference. 

Routinely Appraise Your Collection

Collector markets are known for rising and falling, which is why you want to keep a record of the value of your collection. This is also good to know if an accident happens, as insurance companies will need documents stating the most recent value of the collection. 

Don’t Buy Into The Hype

Buy, store, and drink what you love. Don’t lose sight of your passion for collecting a particular wine because of a trend. You can use a fad to guide you toward a possible investment, but always buy your favorites

Don’t Over-Handle Your Wines

As badly as you may want to show off your wine bottles, it’s best to let them sleep. Don’t ship them if you don’t have to, and keep handsy individuals away from your precious bottles. If you recently bought a bottle of wine, let it rest for four to six weeks before drinking it.

When you’re starting a wine collection, keep these factors in mind to ensure a long-lasting, profitable collection. When you’re ready to taste some wines, turn to Wines ’Til Sold Out for our at-home wine-tasting sets and events. Try three of our preferred wines, and then let us supply the others in your collection!

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