Festive Wines to Serve on Christmas Day

Figuring out the best drink choices to pair with all your holiday food can get tough. Peruse our selection of festive wines to serve on Christmas Day!

Christmas is a time for celebration—especially after the year we’ve all gone through! This year, make sure your holiday season is paired with scrumptious wine that will light up your taste buds like a Christmas tree. We love the idea of wine tasting on December 25; you’ll eat so many yummy things, you might as well have the wine to match with it. Discover some of the most festive wines to serve on Christmas Day below. You won’t want to miss it!

Blanc de Blancs

Looking for a sparkling to sip on while you munch on a beautifully prepared charcuterie board? Grab a bottle of a Brut Blanc de Blancs—it’s a stunning go-to for the holidays since it’s so versatile. Though this isn’t the bubbly that you’ll want to mix with orange juice, its notes of lemon curd, golden apple, and almond make it work with anything on the table.

And it’s good enough on its own while you unwrap presents! If you’d prefer more of a pink sparkling, opt for Blanc de Noirs.

Chianti Classico Riserva

If you aren’t feeling full-bodied wine, then opt for this instead. Few styles of medium-bodied reds are as appropriate and universal to all your dinner pairings as Chianti. Italians made it right—implementing notes of cherries, plums, and sweet spices. 

Try it out with those flavorful dishes and mature cheeses.


Want a wine that can taste similar to eggnog? That’s what you’ll get with the right bottle of Viognier. It’s got an exotic spice to it, paired with a fuller body. In fact, it’s a wine that’ll compete with you Chardonnay lovers—especially if you pick a Reserve bottle. 

This bottle will go well with your fishy appetizers, the turkey and ham on the table, and even your sweet potatoes!

Etna Bianco

Speaking of fish, if that’s what the family serves, then you’ll want a mineral white. Even if your family simply chooses saltier dishes, then you’ll want something with enough richness to keep up with the dish, and enough brightness to make it enjoyable. 

Made from the Carricante grape on Mount Etna in Sicily, these bottles will have a nice saltiness paired with riper flavors (dried apple and apricot). It’s the variety you’ve been looking for.


Next up, another red that’s versatile and crowd-pleasing. Barbera is low in tannins, high in acidity, and full of dark red fruits—dark cheery, dried strawberry, plum, and blackberry. Then the spices come in with notes of violets and rosemary; it’s truly a wine that can charm all wine drinkers. Grab a bottle of this if you’ve grown tired of Nebbiolo.

Late Harvest Dessert Wines

Last on our list of festive wines to serve on Christmas Day is that of dessert wines—Late Harvest wines, to be exact! You can choose a Late Harvest Riesling, a Sauternais, a Muscat, or a Vidal Blanc. Pick your sweet poison and eat it with a cookie, a pie, or even as you sip on some eggnog!

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