Finding Wine While Abroad

Going abroad often goes hand in hand with the desire to taste alluring foods and drink great wines, but what do you do when you’re in a different country and can’t find your favorite brands or styles? This article will help you to find great wines – even when you’re out of your element and in a new environment.

Recognize Adventure And Opportunity

If you’re on vacation abroad, you’re likely already looking for new experiences, so you should remember that the wine you drink is an expression of that intrepid attitude. No matter what you find to drink, you’ll have good stories to tell and new things to learn. Be bold! Be brave and approach the search for new wines with a fearless attitude.

Don’t Expect Familiarity

For many of us, the wines we like are the ones we know. It’s easy when we’re surrounded by familiar brands and varieties to seek out wines that we’ve come to rely on. Remember that when you’re traveling, you may be faced with thousands of options – none of which are familiar. Just because you don’t see anything you recognize does not mean that nothing is worthwhile. Imagine a person visiting your hometown from a foreign country who might overlook your favorite through a lack of recognition. It’s a gamble looking for a wine in a place you don’t know, but hopefully, the risk will pay off, and you’ll end up striking the jackpot.

Buy Local Wine

If you happen to be traveling in a wine region, you should take advantage of the opportunity to buy local wine and experience the local wine culture. California Cabernet might typically be your go-to, but if you find yourself in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, you should buy and experience the locally famous wine: Sauvignon Blanc. Many winemakers believe that wine is an expression of place – that it reveals something deeply intrinsic about where it’s from. This concept is related to the idea of “terroir” and can help you to go beyond simply seeing the wine to smelling and tasting its place of origin. To find a good wine shop, try asking for one in various businesses around the area. If you get more than one endorsement for a particular shop or restaurant in a neighborhood, it’s probably worth a visit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

No one – and I really mean no one – can be an expert on all the wines of the world. Even the most venerable Master of Wine or Master Sommeliers expect to encounter new wines and experiences. Asking for advice from a shopkeeper or wine steward doesn’t betray a lack of knowledge so much as it shows a hunger to learn. After all, a wine seller in Paris might need your help shopping in your hometown, so don’t be embarrassed. If you don’t know the language well or don’t know what to ask for, try these simple questions.

  • I want to taste a good local wine. What can you recommend?
  • I like [red][white][rosé][sparkling][etc.] wines. Do you have anything worthwhile within [a certain price range]?
  • I’m eating [a certain dish] tonight. Can you recommend a pairing?
  • I really like [your favorite wine or grape] when I’m at home. Can you recommend something similar?

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas about how to find good wine and deepen your enjoyment of new places while on vacation abroad. No matter where you go, wine shopping and tasting can add to your experience!

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