How to Pair Wine and Yoga Moves

How to Pair Wine and Yoga Moves

How to Pair Wine and Yoga Moves

Staying relaxed is key to making it through difficult times. People get and stay relaxed in different ways. Some people knit, others run, but the underlying thought is the same—get the body moving in some way to keep the mind occupied and send positivity to the brain. One big way people are staying calm lately is by pairing yoga with wine. It may seem odd, the thought of getting into tree pose with a glass of wine nearby, but the sentiment makes sense. Wine, for many people, is a way to ease tensions without going overboard. Yoga’s main purpose is to center the body and the mind and bring about a sense of calm. Put the two together, and what could be better?

If wine and yoga is something you’re interested in, try it first at home! We’ve created just the guide you need to get started. We’ll begin with some of the key benefits of sip and flow and then learn more about how to pair wine and yoga moves. You’ll find traditional yoga moves with the perfect wine pairing to delve deeper into the move and enhance the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Get started!

Benefits of Wine Yoga

Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

It may seem strange but when you pair wine and yoga, you have an even better chance of losing weight. Wine contains a polyphenol called resveratrol and is one of the substances in red wine that’s gotten quite a lot of attention for its health benefits. One of those benefits is that it helps the body lose weight. When you combine that with the already fat-burning workout of yoga, you’ll be on your way to faster weight loss.

Reduces Anxiety and Relaxes the Body

When you pair wine and yoga together you get a few things—fun, reduced anxiety, and a more relaxed body. It’s well-known that wine relaxes the body and the mind. Yogis say the same about the moves they teach. When you pair sipping wine with practicing asanas, you’ll put the body into an even deeper state of relaxation.

Helps Improve Your Tasting Skills

Another great benefit of pairing wine and yoga is that it will improve your wine tasting skills. Yoga encourages people to focus and concentrate on the movements at hand. This concentration is a wonderful technique for tasting. The mindfulness of tuning everything else out and tuning in to your body, each pose, and the taste of the wine in your mouth, will help you get in better touch with the different flavors and spices in the wine.

When it comes to the actual wine and pose pairing, look below! We pair different wine styles with some of the most popular yoga asanas. Make the sequence any way you want—just make sure to focus on breathing through each pose and breathing through the wine. Sip slow and feel those flavors ignite!

Red Wines and Their Poses

Merlot and Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is one of the most classic yoga moves and deserves a classic wine with it. You need the strength of the red fruits, the easy tannins, and the soft finish to get you ready to delve into your sequence. For the pose itself, think palms out, chest high, and shoulders pushed back. You should be as tall and as strong as a mountain—use the Merlot to help you feel stronger!

Cabernet Sauvignon and Warrior II

A pose that typically follows Warrior I, Warrior II wants you to dip further down and open up your chest. The heaviness as your legs bear the shift of weight and the opening of the chest requires a wine that can stand up to the pose. A hearty Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect choice for Warrior II. The full-bodied nature of this wine is just what you need to really drop those shoulders and open your stance.

Zinfandel and Reverse Warrior

You’re really opening up the chest and the back with this one. Get into the deep stretching love that is Reverse Warrior, and make sure to pair it with a Zinfandel to hold up to that burn. The dark flavor profile of Zinfandel often explodes with candied fruitiness and then a hit of spice—it’s just the thing to take you through this move and give you the kick you need to get you through the next.

Malbec and Downward Facing Dog

One of the most popular asanas, downward facing dog deserves the spicy earthiness of a Malbec to keep you grounded. Though its flavor profile is complex, it’s an easy wine to drink—perfect for when you’re upside down! This is a move that rejuvenates the entire body, stretching you from head to toe—Malbec will open your body up just right!

White Wines and Their Poses

Sauvignon Blanc and Tree Pose

Give yourself a light and beneficial move when you slide into Tree Pose. It’ll stretch out the lower half of your body, building strength in your “roots” (ankles and calves). For this pose, sip on the “grassy” wine—Sauvignon Blanc. The crisp lightness of this wine will help you flow easily up into the move and slide right down into the next.

Pinot Grigio and Warrior I

Warrior II needs something heavier, but to start you off on the right foot, choose a Pinot Grigio to get you started on Warrior I. Dip into a lunge while reaching up to the sky, and then lean over to grab a wine that will refresh your body. The citrus and white fruit flavors in this wine provide just the lightness you need to lift off and flow into heavier poses.

Chenin Blanc and Upward-Facing Dog

The sweetness and fullness of Upward-Facing Dog require a sweet and full wine like Chenin Blanc. This pose urges you to let go of all the to-dos and pressing tasks, and to focus instead on relaxing the strain from neck to shoulder to back. Help your body and mind unwind with an easy sipper like this one.

Chardonnay and Corpse Pose

End your flow with Corpse Pose and Chardonnay. Depending on the bottle you grab, your wine’s flavor profile can shift, so choose the bottle that leaves you the calmest—one aged with oak will show notes of vanilla that will help you fall dreamily into the pose. Let your body soak in the calming session you just had, and then top it off with one of the most versatile wines!

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