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Are you planning a vacation this summer? Whether traveling is on your agenda or not right now, it never hurts to be prepared for when you’re ready to pack your bags and hop on a flight to your next destination.


Think about what makes the perfect vacation: a beautiful view, an escape, and wine. That’s right, you heard us. If you’re anything like us, wine is an essential part of every trip. So why not kick it up a notch and take a wine-cation?


What’s a Wine-cation?

Anyone can just drink a glass of wine on a vacation, but a wine-cation takes it to the next level. A wine-cation is a trip that is centered around trying new varietals and experiencing wine in your own way. Maybe you’re spending every day at a vineyard, or perhaps you’re staying at a hotel in a winery. You can make your wine-cation anything you want, but there’s always one essential staple (and you can probably guess what it is).


Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a break and pop open a cork of (many) brand new bottles of wine. So what are you waiting for? Your wine-cation could be the trip of a lifetime; and all it takes is a little preparation.


Whether you’re going on a wine-cation this season or not, you should know everything about prepping for one, which places are the best choices for you, and what you need to look for. So sit back, make a toast to your pending trip, and use this guide so you know each step to take:



  • Make a Goal


What is your objective when you go on vacation? Are you trying to relax, get some thrills, or just stock up on bottles to bring home? It’s important to figure out what kind of vibe you’re looking for before you start actually planning, because where you go will depend solely on what you want your experience to be.


Some wine destinations are more calming, and others are very interactive and fast-paced. Therefore, you need to know what you want out of your trip so you pick the perfect place and activities for you. This step is also a great chance to do some digging and learn about new wine experience that you’ve never done and want to try.


When you have your goals for what you want to accomplish on your trip, make a list and search based on what you wrote down. Since different places offer specific things, you should be able to find the best place for you once you narrow down your objectives and do some thorough research.



  • Pick Your Paradise


Next, it’s time to decide on your destination. Pick a place that meets all your requirements and goals for the trip so you can be sure you get everything you want done. There are many places throughout the world that are known as ideal wine destinations, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one.


If you need some inspiration, here are just a few examples of some of the most popular places to go on wine-cations:



….and that’s just a start. Just take a look online and you’ll have a wealth of information about destinations available to you. As you pick a place, keep in mind your budget, preferences, and experiences you haven’t had before.



  • Book Your Stay


Once you’re all set with where you want to go, you can book your stay. This is something to be really careful with, because you don’t want to end up staying at a place that is too far from things you want to do or not up to your standards.


Many wineries offer vacation packages, which is probably the most convenient choice. It’ll be affordable since it’s part of a deal, and you’ll be right next to the vineyards and wineries you want to explore. If you can get your wine, lodging, and other amenities in one fell swoop, that’s an opportunity you’ll most likely want to take.


Otherwise, look for hotels or homes that are in close proximity to all the places you want to visit so you can easily get from place to place.



  • Pack Your Bags


You’re all set! Perfect destination — check. Great place to stay — check. Now onto the last step: packing. Packing for a vacation can overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to resort to throwing piles of clothes into a suitcase.


First, make a list of everything you need. And since this is a wine-cation we’re talking about, make sure you have the necessary attire and accessories. Pack a few outfits suited for vineyards, a couple for going out at night, and of course a nice outfit for dinner. Make sure you have sunglasses, hats, and other little wine-cation essentials. Remember you’ll probably be in the sun a lot, so prepare accordingly.


And, most importantly, pack a camera. You’re going on a one-of-a-kind wine-cation, and you’re going to want to document it.


Wine-cations, Staycations, and Everything in Between

When you’re prepared, any wine-cation can be smooth sailing. You deserve a break from the real world for a while, so make sure that your decisions are everything you want. Hopefully these steps give you a little insight about the essentials of a dream wine-cation.


And even if you aren’t planning a big trip any time soon, who says you can’t have a little wine-cation of your own right here at home? Turn your home into your own paradise with some candles, music, and wine (duh).


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