How To Share Your Wine Passion With Friends

As wine lovers, we take every opportunity to enthuse about our passion by serving our favorite bottles, pairing with our favorite dishes, and discussing our favorite grapes and regions. All of this is easy when spending time with fellow oenophiles (wine lovers), but how do you share your excitement for wine with those who lack experience? This post will help you share not only your wine but your enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

Share your wine with interested people

Share your love of wine with people who already express an interest in wine – regardless of their experience. Many people secretly wish they were knowledgeable about wine but don’t feel that they have the time or energy to devote to the subject. These folks will welcome the chance to try new things and gain new experiences, particularly in a non-threatening setting. For those who aren’t interested in wine, we can only hope they come around sooner or later to experience the pleasures that we know and love.

Offer conversation and knowledge along with food and wine

Serving unique and interesting wines will allow you to offer good conversation and new experiences to your guests. Those with an interest in wine will appreciate the opportunity to discuss the origins, aromas, flavors, and pairings of a particular bottle. An exchange of knowledge and enthusiasm can be another form of entertainment and bring social richness to your gatherings.

Remain humble

Whatever you do, try to avoid coming across as a know-it-all. Sometimes, in my excitement, I can get carried away and lose the interest of my friends while going on too long. Remember that wine is an immense subject that no one alive grasps fully. Always continue to ask questions, remain open to correction and avoid showing off by displaying your knowledge of facts that might not be relevant to the current discussion.

Determine the level of formality

Sometimes a person will express interest in learning more about wine with formal wine tasting in mind. Sometimes, they may simply wish to taste a few wines and briefly summarize their opinions before moving on to a new subject. Try to determine the level of interest among your friends and the level of formality they want. It might be that an evening-length, focused tasting is appropriate, but maybe not. If your friends are interested in a wine tasting party, check out this previous post on how to host one.

Don’t push your favorite style

Just because you like a particular type of wine doesn’t mean that everyone else has to. While you can certainly advocate for your favorites, keep various styles on hand so that those with different tastes will have something to enjoy. Remember that tastes change – you might end up liking someone else’s wine and vice versa.

Don’t discuss price

When serving wine to friends, it can be tempting to tell them how much the bottle costs. You may have the purest of intentions, only meaning to inform them about particular producers or regions, but unless someone asks, keep the price to yourself.

Give purchasing advice

When someone begins to cultivate their interest in wine, they may not be aware of where they can find the best wines at the best deals. Feel free to offer advice on where to find the wines they might like at good prices. Don’t tell them where to buy or what to buy, but you can give them options that they might appreciate.

Enjoy the company

Wine is about more than just aromas and flavors – it’s about people, conversation, and rich, engaging experiences. As you share your knowledge and appreciation for wine, savor the time you spend with friends, family, and the memories you create together.

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