Recipe: Lemon Dill Crunchy Bread

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Looking for a unique appetizer or side dish that’s easy to make, elegant, and delicious? Our recipe for Lemon Dill Crunchy Bread elevates lemon toast to a sophisticated blend of ingredients you could serve with anything. Read on to learn about wine pairing with lemon flavors.


  • Crusty Italian bread
  • Soft cheese of your choice (goat, sheep, cream)
  • Lemon, zested
  • Dill or other herb (oregano works well)
  • Roasted, salted pistachios
  • Honey
  • Black Pepper


    1. Toast your bread, preferably under the broiler or on an oiled skillet. Top bread with the cheese, add lemon zest, herbs, pistachios and top with the honey. Finish with fresh cracked black pepper.

Recommendations for wine pairing with Lemon Dill Crunchy Bread:
Because lemons have high acidity, they can make the wine you’re drinking taste sweeter. If you’re in the mood for a red wine, try a Valpolicella that can hold its own, or a Chianti. Pinot Grigio is a great lighter choice. Shop our Last-Chance Wines for some possibilities! 

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