Most Anticipated Sweet Wines for the Season

Wines come in such a variety that everyone will find something they enjoy. Today, we’ll focus on the sweeter things in life. Let’s take a look at a few of the most anticipated sweet wines for the season. Drink up, everyone!

Vintage Port

Unlike Ruby or Tawny styles, which are blended from multiple vintages, Vintage Port comes from a single harvest season. Vintage Port only comes from excellent years, and has exceptional depth and complexity, with incredible aging potential.


Sauternes delivers one of the world’s truly great sweet white wine styles. Luscious fruit flavors in the dried apricot, citrus, and tropical realm arrive in an unctuous, full-bodied wine of incredible intensity and length. These bottles tend to showcase an exceptional balance between high residual sugar and acidity, gained from the beneficial effects of botrytis, or noble rot, in the vineyard.

Late-Harvest Syrah

Late-harvest Syrahs are bold and fruity with a hint of black pepperiness. The acidity helps balance the sweetness of this wine, while the tannins add texture to the palate. The Syrah will also appeal to those who enjoy Port wine.

Passito Rosa

A Sicilian Passito Rosa is a delicious sweet wine to enjoy this spring. Look for a non-vintage version that’s aged in oak before release. It gives the wine a raisin-like quality with hints of mocha, blackberry, balsamic vinegar, and dark chocolate. They pair perfectly with intensely flavored foods, such as blue cheese and gamey meat. This lusciously sweet red wine will make a great addition to any springtime table.

Blanco Dulce

Would you like a crisp, sweet, and expressive white wine to try this spring? Look no further than a Blanco Dulce! You’ll find your tongue coated in a blanket of peaches and honey with notes of crisp apples. It’s a generously acidic white wine that causes your palate to jump for joy. Enjoy this wine on a warmer spring day!

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris uses the “vin de paille” method. After picking the grapes, they lay on straw mats to dry. This process results in a rich caramel-like flavor, followed by tropical fruits and floral notes. It’s a gently acidic wine that provides just enough balance to your palate.

Vin Santo

Vin Santo is a delightfully sweet wine that’s complex in every sense of the word. The sugar content is so high in Vin Santo wine that the fermentation process can last up to three years. The long production process results in incredible depth and range in the wine’s profile. Make sure you try this delectable wine this spring.

We hope you’re able to try any of these most anticipated sweet wines for spring 2022. If you’re looking to expand your wine palate with these wines or others, Wines ‘Til Sold Out has launched their Premium Wine Club to help you try new wines. Plus, check out these special features that include sweet wines mentioned above – purchase one today from WTSO.com!

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