Spring Mountain Appellation Bale's Creek Estate Vertical Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Tasting

Spring Mountain District AVA Feature: Bale’s Creek Estate Vertical Wine Tasting

Spring Mountain District AVA, Napa Valley

Napa Valley’s Spring Mountain District lies up to 2,600 feet along the eastern slopes of the Mayacamas Range, receiving influences from the Pacific coast that create a cool to moderate climate for viticulture. Many vineyards in the wine appellation sit above the fog line, where cool daytime and warmer nighttime temperatures regulate the development and ripening of grapes. Well-drained soils and geographical diversity, including its topography of varying elevations and aspects, also provide distinct pockets for fruit to flourish. Cabernet Sauvignon embodies Spring Mountain’s claim to fame, though Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel also give excellent wines worth trying.

Bale’s Creek Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical Tasting

With the 5-bottle collection of Bale’s Creek Estate Cabernet Sauvignon vintages spanning from 2014 to 2018, you’ll gain the rare opportunity to enjoy a Spring Mountain District vertical tasting any time! This format makes it easier to discover a style typical of their wines while comparing and contrasting vintage variations. Expand your palate by starting with 2014 to taste softer wines that progress toward bolder, more tannic ones, or sample 2018 first and work backward to the mature, complex character of older bottles.

Spring Mountain District Vintage Notes

2014 – Near perfect weather conditions leading up to Spring Mountain’s 2014 harvest resulted in grapes of exceptional balance, with Cabernet Sauvignon proving especially promising.

2015 – Drought and heat stressed the vines this year and led to a challenging harvest for many Spring Mountain growers. Lower yields of outstanding quality fruit resulted in wines of superb concentration. 

2016 – As picking concluded, Spring Mountain producers had high expectations from a growing season that initially seemed underwhelming, with descriptions like “spectacular” and “easy harvest” defining the vintage.

2017 – Uncharacteristic warmer weather leading up to and during harvest proved difficult for growers in 2017, though some yields were up from the previous year. Cabernet Sauvignon was picked throughout all of October. 

2018 – Ideal weather, low vine pressure, and grapes with complex flavor development offered a high-yielding harvest of beautiful fruit that translated into magnificent wines. 

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