The Best Red Wines Light Enough To Drink in the Summer

Wine lovers assume that as the weather warms, they have to say goodbye to red wine until a chill is in the air. This assumption isn’t true! There are ample refreshing and lighter red wines you can drink during the summer. These are the best red wine types light enough to drink in the summer. 


Some could argue that Lambrusco is the lightest red wine. This wonderfully bubbly wine is perfect for sipping in the summer. It brings some life to the party! Lambrusco combines the best parts of red wine and sparkling wine. It will undoubtedly liven up discussions with friends and family on the back patio. 

Pinot Noir

Many people think of pinot noir when anyone mentions light-bodied red wine. It’s easily accessible because it’s widely grown. Wine drinkers enjoy sipping on pinot noir for its spice and red fruit aromas. It has lower alcohol content and high acidity, making it ideal for sipping in the sunshine with friends, happy hour, or swinging on the porch swing on a summer evening. 

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Ketcham Estate 5 Clone Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Zinfandel and Primitivo

Zinfandel and Primitivo are close relatives but are not the same wine. They both originate from the same type of Croatian grape, but Primitivo is generally on the lighter side and comes from Italy. 

Zinfandel and Primitivo are light-bodied red wines with robust jammy profiles that range from spicy strawberry jam to black raspberry. They both tend to have a higher alcohol content—something to keep in mind as you’re choosing which wine to drink by the pool this summer. 

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Artezin Zinfandel Collins Vineyard 2017


One of the most versatile wines is Grenache, although you may recognize it by its other name Garnacha. In Spain, this wine variety is known as Garnacha, a spicy and aromatic wine widely known as a blending grape. This highly acidic, light-bodied red wine would make the perfect wine to drink during a summer picnic—or while you catch up with a friend in the backyard.

WTSO Wine Recommendation: Pago de los Balagueses Garnacha Tintorera 2016


Do you tend to reach for cabernet sauvignon when you want a glass of red wine? Then you’re going to adore this lighter alternative that still provides the tannin-forward flavor you crave. Nebbiolo may seem intense, but it’s shockingly light-bodied and perfect for adding to the best red wines light enough to drink this summer list. You’ll notice red currant, rose, and pepper flavors as you sip on this wine while watching the sunset on the beach. 

WTSO Wine Recommendation: 94 Pt. Negretti Barolo Cru La Morra Rive 2018

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