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The Dish On Wine: Is It Really Good For You?

wine onlineThere has been a lot of debate regarding whether wine is really good for you. Luckily, experts have weighed in on the subject to put this question to bed once and for all.

So, put a cork in it and listen up: here’s whether you should drink wine for its health benefits.

Wine: Is it really good for you?

When you drink wine in moderation, science has told us that it has a number of benefits for your body. Many wines actually have antioxidant properties that raise good cholesterol and prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol, making wine a more heart-healthy drink than one might expect.

As the relationship between red wine and heart health is still a little hazy, there’s no concrete explanation for the benefits wine has on your heart. Some evidence has suggested that the polyphenols, particularly resveratrol, present in red wine are the real heart helpers. This antioxidant is found in the skin of grapes, many of which are a part of wine production.

However, it isn’t only wine that’s good for you; in fact, nearly all alcohol has health benefits when it’s drunk in moderation. Alcohol can work to boost healthy cholesterol, reduce the risk for blood clots, improve the function of cells that line blood vessels, and even prevent artery damage. When you’re looking for great alcohol, wine online shopping can help you find the best option for any occasion.

Now the bad

Of course, drinking an entire bottle of wine won’t benefit your heart, especially when the serving size for a glass of red wine is only five ounces. When engaging in binge drinking, all the good side effects of drinking are outweighed by the bad, including liver damage, pancreas diseases, higher blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, and worse.

You should also avoid drinking any alcohol if you’re on a certain medication or if you’re pregnant.

Healthy consumption of wine is great for your body and can even help calm nerves. Keep in mind that white wine can be a little better for you than red wines and dry wines hold less calories than sweet wines.

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