5 Tips on Choosing the Right Wine for a Special Gift

Tips for Choosing the Right Wine for a Special Gift

Have you ever stood in the wine aisle, utterly lost about which would make an excellent gift? All of a sudden, you’re in a panic, and you walk away. WTSO (Wines ‘Til Sold Out) is here to help! These are a few tips to help you choose the right wine for a gift

You Can’t Go Wrong With a White or Rosé

White or Rosé is a safe option to gift for many people and occasions, especially if the person you’re presenting the wine to is new to the wine world. Stick to something with sweeter notes, which many white and rosé varieties have. They’re a safe option when you’re unsure what the wine drinker enjoys.

Consider the Occasion

Is this wine for the host during a dinner party? Then you’ll want something that’s a crowd pleaser and goes with the menu. Will the wine go to a chicken, beef, or fish eater? You want to gift a wine that will go with the recipient’s favorite meals. Or are you gifting the wine to a wine collector? Ask the receiver for some wines they’ve had an eye on as options for you. 

Thoroughly Read the Label

Marketers will persuade consumers with loud colors, fonts, sparkles, and eye-catching illustrations. These designs may sway you into purchasing a wine that’s not the right fit. It’s crucial to read the label as opposed to admiring it. You should find what type or types of grapes the winemaker used to create the wine, the region it comes from, and other information: the more details you can find, the better.

The back of the label may tell you:

  • Region
  • Grape Varietals
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness/Dryness
  • Alcohol
  • Body
  • Tannin 

Don’t Stress Over the Wine’s Age

Many people choose wine based on its age, and it’s common knowledge that the older, the better. This statement is true for some wine varieties but not for all. Aging is more significant for red wines not for white. Any wine you purchase at the store will be ready for your gift recipient to drink right away. 

Now that you’re armed with knowledge, it’s time to start the search. It won’t be as overwhelming since you’ve read these tips to help you choose the right wine for a gift. Start here at WTSO, where we have a superb selection of corporate wine gifts. Don’t be afraid to take a look today! 


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