Unusual but Wonderful Wine and Food Pairings

When you think of wine pairings, rich, lavish meals are the first thing that comes to mind. There’s nothing like a bold Cabernet Sauvignon with prime steak or a rich Pinot Noir with delicious pasta, but what about more unique combinations? You’d be surprised by the unusual but wonderful wine and food pairings out there. There’s nothing like experimenting with flavors until you find that delightful combination that makes your taste buds rejoice. Discover a world of new pairings with these different yet delicious meal ideas.

Tacos and Riesling

How do you make Taco Tuesday even better than it already is? With a deliciously fruity wine, of course. An aromatic Riesling provides the perfect balance for the heat and spice of tacos. Meanwhile, the acidity offers a bright complement to any citrus ingredients. If you enjoy a squeeze of lime over your tacos or in your guacamole, you’ll love the way a glass of Riesling brings out those flavors.

Fried Chicken and Champagne

Pouring a glass of bubbly Champagne might not be on your mind when you treat yourself to fried chicken, but maybe it should be. Champagne—or any sparkling wine, for that matter—pairs wonderfully with salty or fatty foods. That makes it the perfect complement to fried chicken and other fried foods. Its acidity cuts through the rich flavors of fried chicken, bringing a light balance to the meal.

Chili and Shiraz

Chili is a spicy, bold dish that deserves a wine that can live up to it. That’s why one of the most unusual but wonderful wine and food pairings is a bowl of chili and a glass of Shiraz. A rich, full-bodied Shiraz holds its ground against a hearty chili. Plus, the peppery notes perfectly complement the spice of chili, making this the perfect combination for a warm and cozy evening.

Curry and Sparkling Rosé

When you indulge in a spicy and delicious curry, you want a drink that will soothe your palate while complementing the bold flavors. A Sparkling Rosé is perfect for the job. The fruity flavors work wonderfully to balance out cumin, coriander, and other warm spices found in curry. Meanwhile, the bubbles are a delightful way to cool down after a spicy bite.

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