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What’s the Best Wine for Summer? Hear it from the experts

wine deals online

As we look forward to the spring and summer seasons, your palate and eating habits undergo a change as well. It’s common for people to move away from the heavy foods of winter and start to prefer the light and breezy salads and soups made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

In fact, research shows that an estimated 65% of people aged 55 and older, drink liquor, beer or wine while 71 to 73% of Millennials opt for beer, liquor or wine. Regardless of which age category you fall into, the good news is there are many wine deals online for your summer sampler.

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular spring and summer wines of 2019, according to our wine experts.

Pinot Noir

If you’re looking for light and elegant wine deals online that don’t compromise on summer flavors, Pinot Noir is the right pick for you. But what makes this wine so popular among wine enthusiasts?

Wine drinkers love this quaffable beverage. Its undoubtedly rich and delicious flavor is typically filled with cherry, vanilla, and hibiscus notes. In addition, this is a versatile wine that can be paired with most foods such as duck, pork, and even mushrooms. Due to the popularity of this wine, you’re also highly likely to find many cheap wine online deals from a slew of vineyards.

Try the Dalrymple 2015 Pipers River Pinot Noir which many wine magazines have consistently ranked as one of the best choices for late spring and summer. When you savor this wine, you’ll be amazed at the mix of different summer flavors such as sunbaked earth and fresh forest fruit. A touch of cinnamon spice lingers on the palate, making this the perfect finish for a summer wine.

Block Wines 2016 Old Vine Gnarl Block Rothrock Vineyard Chenin Blanc

Another good choice for summer is Block Wines 2016 Old Vine Gnarl Block Rothrock Vineyard Chenin Blanc. This white wine is filled with aromas of poached pears, citrus, and spices, making it the perfect wine to sip poolside. The combination of tart flavors with a dash of lemon can take your wine drinking experience to new heights. The wine is racy and is best had with good food and even better company.

Grüner Veltliner

Grüner Veltliner, also known as Green Veltliner, is a white wine grown in Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The primary flavors in this wine are grapefruit, lemon, and lime with a dash of white pepper. These fresh summer flavors are light and zesty and go well with richly flavored foods.

If foods and your palate are seasonal, your wines should be as well. So, the next time when you’re time-strapped, having guests over, or just want to savor some of these spring and summer wine flavors, simply look for the right online wine sellers to deliver it right to your door. With Wines ‘Til Sold Out, you never need to worry about missing out on your favorite wine deals online.

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