Why Wine Has Become More Popular in America

In 2014, the United States became the largest wine consuming nation in the world. In the last decade, consumption in America has risen steadily every year. It is popular across different social groups. It is taken throughout the seasons; in times of war and when there is prosperity. Even though other recreational drinks have generated interest in consumers with specialty products, the number of people drinking beer has been diminishing. Meanwhile, online wine sellers have been getting more orders from customers. According to Statista, the individual U.S. resident consumes approximately 2.8 gallons of wine annually. So what is behind the growth?

Availability and Quality

Online wine sales have made wine affordable and accessible to consumers regardless of their location. In fact, 71% of shoppers who shop online believe they can find better deals from an online wine shop than in-store. Digital communication technologies have improved the experience of shopping for different types of products.

Online wine sellers can access a much wider market, with prospects in far-off places. Some of their unique products can be sold to a large group of consumers and still break even. Businesses selling wine through the internet can customize options with better metrics. Enhancing data analytics ensures buyers can find exactly what they want and also easily access amazing wine deals online.

The production of wine in America has also grown exponentially in the last two decades. Today, each of the 50 states has at least a few vineyards. Online wine retailers have offerings for their clients who want locally produced wine. That is because goods produced locally are generally more environmentally-friendly and affordable, qualities many consumers value.

Generational and Social Factors

Wine is a social drink. It is classy, which makes it fit for many occasions where there is merrymaking. Many people believe the reason for that is that it makes people lose their inhibitions and compels them to converse more. Scientific studies corroborate this, demonstrating that it activates our endorphin system. It strengthens the bonds that keep humans and primates socially coherent.

As vineyards continue to grow, new generations have grown up visiting the farms. A vineyard will often inspire curiosity. There is a lot more variety and quality products for local consumers, especially now that it is easier to buy wine online. You can find something for your taste at a price that is convenient for you.

Wine is a Healthy Drink

Wine has been around for centuries. The Romans knew of its health benefits and often praised and encouraged its use. Its ability to protect against cardiovascular diseases is a fact that scientists have confirmed in the last few decades.

Wine is a derivative of grapes that has compounds that can reduce the risk of some cancers, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. It has antioxidants that eliminate free radicals in the body. Some compounds, like resveratrol, are restricted to certain food groups mainly found in wine grapes. Taking wine in moderation can increase longevity and boost the resilience of your organs.

The increase in consumption of wine is also a reflection of the growing health and environmental awareness. More people are taking the time to consider healthy options. Some consumers want locally made products from their online wine sellers.

Great Taste and Variety

Wine has sophistication, class, and also comes in numerous varieties with many qualities to explore. Even within the same state, you can find different types of vineyards. That means there is always something new to discover.

There is virtually no other drink with as many tasting notes. It is a great way to indulge your senses as part of a social event. Wine can make for a great romantic gift. It can project your sense of style and fine taste. And it never loses its elegance regardless of the occasion.

Bottom Line

Over the last decade, the popularity of wine has grown steadily every year in America. Many factors can explain the trend. Some of them are cultural, while others have to do with health and demand for variety. What it underscores is the quality of wine as a drink that can boost our overall well-being.


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