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Read on to learn more about Willamette Valley, the winemakers, and vintage tasting notes…

Chehalem Mountains AVA, Willamette Valley

Located 20 miles southwest of Portland, Chehalem Mountains received AVA status in 2006. It encompasses a 100-square-mile area within the northern Willamette Valley. An assortment of slopes, ravines, and peaks create a challenging landscape while providing committed grape growers with diverse soils, aspects, elevations, and pockets of distinct microclimates. Pinot Noir represents the majority of plantings, but other varieties, including Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, also succeed here. 

Trout Lily Ranch Vertical Wine Tasting Willamette Valley Pinot NoirAdams Vineyard

Native Oregonians Carol and Peter Adams deserve a place among early viticultural pioneers in Chehalem Mountains, having planted their vineyard in the appellation’s southern portion in 1976. After five years, they harvested their inaugural vintages of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and moved the winery to northwest Portland. The Rex Hill team purchased the winery and leased Adams Vineyard for a ten-year period starting in 1995. 

Trout Lily Ranch

Carol and Peter resumed wine production in 2008 under the Trout Lily Ranch label, named after the flowers growing in their vineyard. With winemaker Kelly Kidneigh at the helm of the new operation, wine quality continues to rise, especially among the single-vineyard Pinot Noir offerings, which receive positive critical acclaim. A vertical tasting collection containing one bottle each of Trout Lily Ranch’s Adams Vineyard Pinot Noir from the 2015, 2017, and 2018 vintages provides the chance to compare and contrast these top Willamette Valley expressions!

Vintage Notes


Optimal flowering in 2015, followed by a warm, dry summer set up Willamette Valley for a generous harvest of fully ripened fruit. Trout Lily Ranch produced a gorgeous Adams Vineyard Pinot Noir in which pomegranate and violet notes accompany balancing acidity and delicate tannins.


Rainy conditions early on in 2017 proved essential during the warmer months of the Willamette Valley growing season, leading to an abundance of intensely ripe grapes. Bing cherry and rose petal accents contribute freshness to Trout Lily Ranch’s Adams Vineyard Pinot Noir, an elegantly structured Chehalem Mountains red wine. 


Willamette Valley’s drought-affected vines found relief from mid-September rains, resulting in a 2018 vintage defined by concentration and longevity. The full-flavored Adams Vineyard bottling by Trout Lily Ranch displays dark plum, spice, and savory notes that complement its lush mouthfeel. 

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