Wine and Design: The Perfect Blend

As wine storage has grown in popularity to be a must-have amenity in luxury residences, the options for storage solutions have exploded. In fact, it can be overwhelming.

So we sat down with our friends at Vineyard Wine Cellars, the experts in residential wine storage solutions. They shared valuable information and key considerations to help you gain a broader understanding of the latest wine storage design trends and ensure you end up with the wine storage solution of your dreams. Here’s what they had to say…

There are few things more personal than your wine collection. For most, it is a collection of memories and special occasions of years past and those still to come. A marriage, a trip to Bordeaux, that perfect night with friends around the fire. The design of your wine storage should capture your personal style while preserving and protecting your collection.

When planning your cellar, your design goals weigh heavily. Are you planning utilitarian wine storage for 2,000 bottles? Or are you looking for a jaw-dropping display to showcase your collection? Will you be decanting bottles in the space or grabbing a Pinot and heading to the patio? Here are some things to consider:

  • Wine racks have come a long way from unfinished redwood. If your wine storage will be the focal point of your entertaining space, choose display-centric racking systems that align with your aesthetic.
  • Modern materials and finishes from metal to acrylic and gunmetal to gold are widely available. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • With rapid growth in the wine storage industry, rely on industry experts to source products that meet quality and structural standards and live up to your design dreams.
  • Climate control systems should not be seen or heard. Keep the mechanical equipment out of your wine cellar so the focus stays where it should be… on the wine.
  • Pouring stations allow space to cork and decant a bottle. They also double as a place to display those large formats you enjoyed on special occasions and can’t bring yourself to recycle.
  • Open areas for artwork or décor may detract from bottle count but they add ambiance and personal touches to the space.
  • Typical wine bottle configurations include cork-forward, label-forward and angled display. All are suitable for keeping corks wet so let your design preferences guide you.
  • Keep your daily drinkers at eye level and put wines you are holding onto up higher. Use angled display rows to separate them. Less time searching for the perfect bottle equals more time enjoying your favorite vintage.
  • Don’t forget the lighting. There are many available wine storage options that incorporate low voltage LED lighting that is easy on the wine and big on visual impact.

Having an expert in your corner will help you navigate the many wine storage options available.

Think through your design style, how you like to entertain and how your plan to make the space your own. Then call Vineyard Wine Cellars to guide you through the process. They have earned a reputation as the premier wine storage provider by bringing ingenuity and quality workmanship to the process of designing award-winning wine storage solutions.

Looking for inspiration? Check out their wine racksclimate-controlled wine cabinets and custom wine cellar gallery. Also looking to fill your wine storage? Shop WTSO! Cheers! 

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